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wedding photos [Page 1 of 3]

Everyone has seen wedding photos where the photographer has asked to the groom to “propose” to his wife or that the best man “straighten” the groom’s tie. Cheesy, unnatural and best avoided. To do so, grooms need to take charge, interview and pick a quality photographer and discuss some of the photos he wants in advance.

This article will help you select a photographer, guide you through the day and provide a checklist of must-have photos.

Picking the Photographer
First, don’t ask your soon-to-be brother-in-law, Tony, to take the pictures. Tony: a) wants to enjoy your wedding day and b) is not a professional photographer. Memories fade, but photos with bad lighting, chopped off heads and other signs of poor photography last forever. Since organizing the photography is likely a task for the groom, do not screw it up or you’ll never hear the end of it. You’ve been warned.

Shop around
To ensure that you get the photos that you want and to avoid overpaying a mediocre photographer, make sure that you shop around long before the wedding. You will want to start early since the good photographers often begin booking a year in advance or more. Try to get price estimates from at least three professional photographers.

Portfolios and References
Review your candidates' portfolios and ask for references. Asking for references is a fairly standard practice. When you contact the references, be sure to ask if:
- the photographer was easy to work with
- the couple was pleased with the final pictures
- there were any hidden costs that you should know about
- they would hire the photographer again

Walk away – quickly – from photographers that won’t give you any references.

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Devon Westberg - Hey Bassem,Hope all is well with you, I have been telling all my bidres to be about you in hopes that they recognize your talent! I added your website to the highly addictive facebook so hopefully, even more people will check you out. I know my mom is interested in a family portrait either late this summer or fall, which is great! Take care,Devon (your old Univar CSR!)
Wed, Oct.10th 2012
Ginny Arth - These photos are so beuauiftl Heidi :) I was so sad I couldn't make it to their wedding, but just looking at your photos brought tears to my eyes. I would have been a mess if there in person! You're truly talented October 14, 2010 10:20 pm
Sun, Mar.14th 2010
Great tips. Choosing the right wedding photographer is absolutely key to making sure you have the type of photographs you're looking for. If you're in South Florida, give me a call and perhaps I have what it takes for you :) salmanPhotography Weddings | Events | Portraits http://www.salmanPhotography.com
S.S( London)
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Dad of groom
Wed, Jun.4th 2008
I have remarried and I want to know if my new wife should be in the pictures.
Frank from DC
Fri, Apr.25th 2008
Guys, this is a must. We all have that one family member who wants to give too much help. It maybe be, and usually is Aunt something. When it comes to pictures this is something you may need to clarify before the big day, otherwise the day of the wedding and the receptions she would jump into wedding coordinator mode and make a lot of people uncomfortable.
lynn allen
Fri, Apr.11th 2008
Your Comments as a photographer, one of the main questions i ask my bride/groom is there any combination of people you dont want in your family photos. this goes on the list and when family portraits are being shot it is my job to help with that problem. parents divorce and then remarry and the new spouse in family formals is always touchy..exclude him in all the family portraits, but to help with your sister include him in the larger group shots. to help with this just have one frame of you and your sister and boyfriend. if he's old news next year then you can just toss the picture not the album. but tell the photographer your wishes...your paying for this
Tue, Sep.25th 2007
Scott- Apologies for the delayed response! (The Wedding Chick is lightening-fast with answers - ask her anything & everything). We respectfully suggest that you deal with this problem yourself. You're paying your photog to capture amazing photos of your Big Day, not to play Bad Cop for you in an awkward situation. Perhaps you can make most of the photos "family" or "wedding party" only, and let your sister know ahead of time. Then maybe do one photo to include your sister's boyfriend just to make all happy. Hope that helps! Cheers
Thu, Aug.23rd 2007
im getting married in may next year. we have hired a photographer already. but we have a little problem. my younger sister is dating a guy. hes a great guy and i dont want to be a asshole. but how do i go about getting photos done with and without him in it. can i pawn this responsibility off on the photographer?

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