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grooms wedding cakes [Page 1 of 2]

You probably know a bit about the traditional, white wedding cake, but you may never have heard of grooms cakes. Grooms cakes are part legend, part fun, and something out of the ordinary. GroomGroove.com takes a slice out of a groom's cake.

What is a Groom's Cake?

Grooms cakes are a different, smaller cake that is definitely not the traditional white wedding cake (with a plastic bride and groom on top).   Grooms cakes are a fun reflection of the personality of the groom. Grooms cakes can be shaped and styled to represent some part of the groom's personality, and for this reason, you have a huge allowance to be as creative as you want.

Grooms cakes were originally made of fruit cake. football grooms cakestadium grooms cake
poker grooms cake
The guys at GroomGroove.com never really liked fruit cake with bits of cherry and plum inside, having been raised on chocolate cake and icing. It's your wedding: do what you want.

Here are some crazy groom's cake ideas:

  • Treasured guitar
  • Favorite football team logo
  • Piece of sporting equipment (think football, surfboard)
  • Beer can for the beer-minded groom
  • Yankee Stadium
...all with elaborate imagery. As you can see from the photos, the only limits are the skills of your cake maker and your imagination.

What's the story behind Grooms Cakes?

Grooms cakes are a traditional wedding cake born of tradition from the U.S. South.   Here's the story:

Years ago, there was a superstition that applied to any single woman who attended a wedding.   According to the legend, if the woman took home a slice of the groom's cake and slept with it under her pillow that night, she would dream of the man that she will marry while asleep and she'd know by morning who she would be spending the rest of her life with. (Incredible, we know. We'd bet the superstition was started by an entrepreneurial cake-maker in Mississippi.) Nowadays, the groom's cake serves a similar superstitious purpose, although the all in the name of fun.

Regardless of whether or not the superstition holds any truth, the tradition is coming back into style...and it's pretty awesome for all the possibilities. Read on to find out what the groom's cake is going to cost you.article continues...
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Fri, Nov.3rd 2017
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Thu, Dec.3rd 2015
You say that you do pre shoots so that a cuople can reminice about the love that bought them together 5-10-15 years ago These pictures capture ALL the emotions that are associated with our love All the emotions that we feel and that you shot will echo through these photos forever ever and ever Thanking you will only belittle our appreciation, words simply cannot express our feelings
Sat, Oct.10th 2015
Thank you so much for sharing this Raquel. I never would have thuhogt to do this on our special day, but honestly, I'm not going to consider it seriously. I've been so nervous about how overwhelmed I'm going to feel while walking down the isle in front of everyone.
Sat, Oct.10th 2015
These photos are abetluosly amazing. I love them. They definitely are a tear-jerker .in a good way. Kim & Andrew are such an attractive couple. Amy, you are extremely talented and I enjoy looking at your work. Cheers!
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Thu, Aug.14th 2014
A rolling stone is worth two in the bush, thanks to this arecilt.
Mon, Oct.31st 2011
Holy sihzint, this is so cool thank you.
Wed, Aug.25th 2010
Most people underestimate the time it takes to create a serious cake like this, especially if they are sculpted into a form. Your listing of $3-5/person is about half of what they typically cost to cover all the time/labor to make one.
Wed, May.5th 2010
A Groom's cake wouldnt be x rated --that would be a cake for a bachelorette party --The Grooms cake is for the wedding day or rehearsal dinner.
Sun, Nov.15th 2009
I get the wierdest requests for groom cakes. And they are almost always "X" rated. In that case I utilize a Hostess Twinkie & cover it with icing. I'll leave the rest up to your umagine !
Fri, Jun.27th 2008
Coors Grooms Cake. Very cool. Would love that!!!
Wed, Jun.25th 2008
Wow, so cool.... what groom wouldn't want this Coor's cake
Sun, Jun.22nd 2008
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Wed, May.28th 2008
I had a grooms cake in the shape of a soccer ball. It was cool - it's my favorite sport. Was a nice surprise.

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