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garter tossing [Page 1 of 2]

The garter toss is an enduring wedding tradition. It's fun, it's funny and it's a bit bizarre, too. Grooms may think it's just "one of those things that you do", but their brides may have other ideas. Garter tossing is often paired with tossing the bouquet.

garter tossing and garter toss for groomsThe garter toss, often paired with the bouquet toss, is a bit like T-Shirts fired into the crowd at a sporting event. At a sporting event, when the C02 blaster is fired, everybody in section 28 somewhat perilously clamors for the shirt, almost falling out their seats. People seem to forget that the shirt they're receiving is worth about $4.99. But hey, what are the chances of receiving a free shirt on any other occasion? And so the tradition endures.

At a wedding, the scene is a bit more organized, but the idea's the same. After the cake has been cut, the wedding MC calls upon all of the single guys to stand in front of a riser. Half of the guys just stare into their drinks, standing at the back of the room acting way too cool to participate. The other half is usually so intent on catching the garter that observers feel a twinge of embarrassment for them. See, tradition holds that he guy who catches the garter becomes the next guy to get married. (Totally scientific, surely.) With all of these bachelors aligned, the groom removes the garter from the leg of his bride (possibly with his teeth). He turns his back to the boys, tries in vain to make the feeble elastic stretch, and fires. A garter flies into the air, and the clamoring begins.

It's no wonder that brides aren't so into it any more... article continues...
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Fri, Jan.14th 2011
Tradition can be great. It can also be an epic fail. At this point I've sworn off wedding due to this tradition of the garter toss. I was running sound for the wedding (it was a friend's wedding) and I got guilted into standing up with the rest of the 'single guys' in front of my parents at that; to catch the garter. I refused endlessly to join because of the childishness of it. It's embarrassing. It's like telling a man that "hey, guess what? You're single!" as if sometimes it sucks enough being single. There's at times where I'm proud to be single but I'm not going to satisfy someones need to make fun that I am. The last wedding I went to I ran and hid. Yes, you heard me, I ran and hid. It was a close friend of mine too. But I ran and hid. It's so uncomfortable to be put on the spot that you're single. My aunt calls me and asks me why I haven't a girlfriend yet. It's exhausting. I don't care about the tradition at all. It's a game that they play at weddings guilting all single guys for not participating and I would rather just sit out or leave. Which I've done. One wedding in particular is where it's absolutely horrifying. A couple who are good friends of mine got married in front of about 450 people. I was attending with alot of other people I know which was like pretty much all of them. It was time for the garter toss and I quietly just sat at my table. One of my buddies went up and tried to get to get me to come with him. I politely said, "Naw that's okay, I'll just stay here." Others had tried to get me to go up but I stayed strong and stayed put. A couple minutes had passed when the rumor that I had not yet gone up to the front had somehow passed to another table. I knew I was screwed. The MC had asked if all the 'single' guys were up there yet and I could just feel my heart start pounding in my chest. I thought what would happen next would give me a heart attack. One person said "no" and that I was still sitting at my table. So the MC says, "who is it that's not up here?" And people started chanting my name. I was mortified. I still kept trying to stick to my guns but eventually having over 400 people chanting your name I was weakened. Blushing, embarrassed, in-denial, and pissed was the only thing on my mind. They all cheered when I got up there and the smile on my face was not out of enjoyment but more out of bitter frustration that not only did I play part in this stupid and waste-of-my-time ritual but that I caved and became the laughing stock of the entire crowd. Which was not my plan. So, there you have it. My position on the garter toss.
Mon, Sep.13th 2010
if you want to keep your garter, then you have 2. both are on your leg, but the groom removes the one closest to your knee.
Mon, Jun.14th 2010
I think it is fine. I am using I want to be your underwear by bryan adams for when i get the garter off my soon to be wife. it is fun and it is just on her leg! you dont think your grandma you are doing it in front of did it when she got married? yes you can have people that do it innappropriatly but that doesnt mean you have to do it that way at yours!
Thu, Apr.29th 2010
I want my garter back when it is all over because it is cute and I want to keep it...how do i get it back?
Mon, Mar.15th 2010
i think its a great idea and if your having a traditional wedding like i am then its a must
Wed, Feb.17th 2010
Some wedding traditions are so lame and this is one of them, I wont be doing it at my wedding. If my wife wishes she can do it herself.
Fri, Sep.25th 2009
I'm with Ryan@!! I've made it pretty clear that there is absolutely no way I'm doing this. I think it's totally fine if friends want to do it at their weddings but there is no way in heck I'm participating in this! So stupid!! To say nothing of the fact that I cannot really picture having anything retrieved from up my dress in the presence of my grandmother!
Wed, Aug.5th 2009
Your Comments I Personally think the gater toss is embarrsing and is the most stupid thing at a wedding!! I told my brid to be if i have to do it, I told her there will be NO wedding!! cant' stand the garter toss!!!! stupid stupid
Wed, Aug.27th 2008
if you are engaged do you still participate in garter toss
Wed, Aug.27th 2008
at every wedding I've ever been to, everyone jumps away from the garter...it seems no one wants to 'catch' it.

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