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cost-saving tips [Page 1 of 4]

GroomGroove.com presents some great ideas on how to save some money on the wedding, so that you can spend it on the honeymoon!

You might have only thought about your wedding for the first time the day you popped the question, but it's a good bet that your bride-to-be has been thinking about it since she was barely out of diapers.   Whether you're planning a small, intimate gathering of family and friends, or a gala event featuring half the regional phone book, the cost of a wedding can quickly skyrocket. Before you consider a drastic measure like selling a kidney, for example, read on. If you're careful and use a little bit of creativity, you can still give her the wedding day she's been dreaming about without ending up in the poorhouse the day after.

Date and Time

If you want to spend big bucks on your wedding, then get married between May and September. Many vendors charge a premium on their services during these months (aka peak wedding season). Selecting an off-season date is a simple way to keep your wedding planning expenditures within your budget. Why not host a Fall or Winter wedding? Unique and cost-effective.

Why not a wedding earlier in the day?

  • You will get a discount from the vendors since your reception will not be during peak hours. Brunch and lunch food is typically less expensive than dinner fare.
  • Your alcohol costs will be less since people don't generally get sloshed mid-day. In fact, it would be perfectly acceptable if you decide to forgo alcohol altogether (especially if you're organizing a Sunday luncheon).
    Daytime receptions don't require an after meal dance. This will save you a lot since you won't have to hire an expensive dj or a band. However, you may choose to hire a string quartet to play for a couple of hours during the meal (which is still much cheaper than the cost of hiring a dj or a band for the entire reception).
  • Having a reception immediately after the ceremony will reduce the amount of time that you will to have to reserve transportation (e.g., limo). By reducing the waiting time between ceremony and the reception, you will be saving yourself a lot of cash.
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Sat, Oct.10th 2015
That was a day that I wish would never ended. I want to relive those moetnms over and over. Thank you for capturing them. Lucy CalaMother of the Bride
Tue, Jan.8th 2013
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Thu, Jan.3rd 2013
Mother & Father of the Little Girl - Steph, what can we say? You always amaze us by out-doing youlresf! These are just fantastic. We were so fortunate to find you for our wedding and to be able to continue our relationship throughout the new stages of our life. Thanks again and now we have our sights on her two year photos!
Thu, Jan.3rd 2013
We hebben net alle foto's nog een keer beken met z'n tweden, and we are speechless. Heerlijk om zo alle mooie momenten opnieuw te beleven. Thank you so mutch! XusLiefs Peter & Inger
Tue, Jan.1st 2013
Myra - You have captured such teednr moments and the heart of their day so very well. Kudos, and wasn't it a blessing to be a part of their day? I felt so! Lovely, LOVELY work!June 21, 2011 11:57 pm
daniel mcewan
Sun, Jun.14th 2009
daniel mcewan for the money in cash happy ok with your wedding
daniel mcewan
Sun, Jun.14th 2009
daniel mcewan s wedding big day
Tue, Jun.9th 2009
We were torn because the cost of a full open bar could be huge. Instead, we opted to offer beer, wine and non-alcoholic drinks at no cost & had if people wanted to have a mixed drink then they would pay for it. I think that people appreciated the options.
Tue, Feb.24th 2009
I agree with some things in this article. I plan on getting married within the next 2 years and my future husband and I will be paying for everything. Nothing wrong in looking for a few cost saving tips. This article had a few good ideas. For example, a brunch or a cocktail reception will help cut cost. Getting married near the Christmas holiday will help save money for flowers at the church. Going to AC Moore or Michael's and printing your own invitations is another example to save money. However, I think that is is very distasteful to offer a cash bar. People will be coming from out of town and everyone is likely to give a gift. How can you ask this and then turn around and nickle and dime your guests for drinks??? I've been to TONS of weddings, both black tie and fire hall and NEVER have I attended a cash bar wedding. Instead of an extravagant open bar, a champagne toast and beer/wine should be offered.
Wed, Feb.6th 2008
"It will also ensure that the photographer doesn't go picture crazy and charge you extra for unwanted shots." What?!?!?! What the heck is this writer talking about. Most pro photographers are shooting digital, and average 50 to 100 shots an hour. Their job IS to go overboard taking pictures because they have tons of memory and/or film to do so. Photographers don't charge by quantity of pictures anyway, but rather how many hours you book them. The part about the reception is somewhat good info. If you want to save money, book your photographer for more time earlier in the day...e.g. bridal prep, formal pictures, and ceremony. Streamline the reception events. Have introductions, cake cutting and first dance all right at the top. Have speeches during the salad/soup time. If you front load the major reception "events" in the first 60 to 90 minutes, then it is not necessary to keep your photographer on through the entire night. This also allows your reception to turn into more of a natural party after the "events" have happened. After a certain point in the night, after folks have had several visits to the bar, people usually don't look their best anyway. Snapshots by friends are fine for the later part of the night. I don't understand why places like this try to give tips for saving money with the photographer....he or she is the one preserving and documenting the event for your family history, and this is pretty much the lasting thing of your wedding....anyway, if you want to shorten the time of hours needed, shorten the reception coverage, but make sure you have a pro for the ceremony and formals. Everyone underestimates the complexities of shooting a wedding...knowing what to expect, how to react, and be prepared for split second changes, reactions etc. Everyone knows somebody who got a co-worker, friend or relative to take pictures instead of hiring a professional. No matter how great their artistic hobby photography work is, there is no way the will know how to be prepared for and know what to expect for 6 to 12 hours of nearly continuous shooting.
Tue, Jan.29th 2008
Joe - that's bs. I'd rather save some cash than blow $30k on flowers and stuff. There are ways to save cash and still have a great party. And besides PLENTY of people have a cash bar.
Wed, Jan.9th 2008
It may as well say: Cost saving Tip: "Have a crappy wedding"
Fri, Jan.4th 2008
I agree thats tacky who wants a cash bar at a weddeng thats aweful and the disposable camera thing is ok for fun but people want nice shots by a professional its a wedding it happens once and non alcoholc weddings thats a horrible idea for sure what a boring party, its like a freaking 12 year olds birthday party.
Mon, Dec.31st 2007
I was very surprised that you'd advocate cash-bar or, the horror, a non-alcoholic reception! I think, in the evening with dinner, you have to provide at least unlimited complimentary beer and wine, unless you have religious reasons. Guests like to drink and it seems tacky otherwise... In addition, while I understand the idea of reducing the cost of photography, the whole disposable-cameras-on-the-tables idea is so hackneyed and in my experience doesn't really produce fantastic shots... just my two cents

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