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the prenuptial agreement [Page 1 of 3]

We, at GroomGroove.com, are fairly certain that Donald and Melania Trump (pictured here in all their...splendor) have entered into a prenuptial agreement. But for mere mortals like you and the authors of GroomGroove.com, nothing can kill romance faster than the words "prenuptial agreement" (also affectionately known as a prenup). Before you decide to shelve the idea, you might want to consider some of the advantages of having such an agreement before leaping into marriage.

The actual agreement is a contract between two people about to wed that
outlines how assets will be distributed in the event of divorce or death. The notion of a prenup is not new. In fact, it has existed for thousands of years in some form or another, particularly among royalty in European and Asian societies who needed to protect their family’s wealth and namesake. However, you don’t need to be rich and famous to need a prenuptial agreement.

Why You Need a Prenuptial Agreement
We know that it is hard to think of divorce when you’re thinking of making a lifelong commitment. It even seems self-defeating. But the truth is that divorce is a reality for many couples. We have all heard the startling statistics: one in three first marriages end in divorce and fifty percent of second or third marriages hit the skids.

New York-based matrimonial lawyer, Harry Issler, says that a prenup serves more than one purpose. "A prenuptial agreement," Issler notes,"is protective of one's assets, it avoids subsequent controversy, and is helpful in revealing the financial condition of one's spouse-to-be."

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Tue, Mar.22nd 2011
A pre-nup also requires a "meeting of the minds." If you have assets and your spouse to be does not, you may want to consider creating a Trust BEFORE you get married. It will help separate sole and separate from the community and allow you better control over your own assets without someone else telling you how to do it. Visit www.SecondThoughtsonMarriage.com for more info.
Mon, May.24th 2010
Hello, I'm a freelance writer and am working on a piece for the British women's magazine Stylist (www.stylist.co.uk) that I'm hoping you may be able to help with. It's on the trend for marriage contracts/extreme prenups in the US - about how some couples are choosing to lock down all the details they expect from their future spouses - be it cleaning duties, emotional input or when to have children - in contracts that will hold up in court should they divorce. Basically, I'm looking to do short phone interviews with women in their twenties and thirties who have signed such prenups. If that's you, it would be amazing if you could get in touch at naomireilly@live.co.uk by Wednesday morning.
Sat, Mar.20th 2010
Your Comments Thank you Mayflower Mama for your grounded advice, I was considering my 3rd marriage (ever the optimist) and when my intended was informed there would be a pre-nup prior to the wedding, he spat the dummy and disappeared on me. Guess he was looking for a rich old ...and stupid... dame .... I might be the first 2 but I sure aint stupid... just a wee bit hurt in the heart now, but better know now pre-marriage than post-marriage what a gold-digger he was...
lady doctor
Fri, Dec.4th 2009
Lady Doctor you are very wrong. I am an attorney and I can tell you that refusing to sign an inconscionable prenup it advice I would give any client presented with waiving basic rights the state mandates by law. A prenup essentially forces the less wealthy spouse to give up legal rights and remedies which often includes alimony. If you got stuck with 4 kids under age 8 and had signed the prenup, you would become a welfare mom overnight.
Fri, Dec.4th 2009
Your Comments
lady doctor
Wed, Aug.26th 2009
i agree with mayflower mama. She has good points on the pre-nup being a litmus test. Thing is, it's still hard to bring up the subject of a pre-nup. Any suggestions?
Mayflower Mama
Thu, Aug.13th 2009
Actually you need to look at this entirely differently. A pre nup demonstrates good faith, not bad. It says you want your beloved, not his/her money. Wealthy families, like ours, are thrilled to have men and women marry into it who make it clear up front they love our children...and aren't angling for millions of our children's inherited wealth. All wealthy families understand and appreciate this. As a result, we welcome these new sons and daughters who are not golddiggers with enthusiasm and appreciation--and reward them financially all their lives for having integrity rather than greed. I have urged my own children to gladly sign pre nups to show their fiancee/fiance's and their families that they want the person, not the fortune. BTW, I have NEVER heard of a single bride or groom whining over a prenup except those who were golddiggers--never! The mere fact that a man or woman doesn't want to sign one means he or she does in fact have his eye on the other person's money. What you earn together in your life as a couple is "joint" money--this should be enough to divide down the road if your marriage breaks up. I love prenups as a litmus test of who is marrying for money. It's the same concept as penniless brides/grooms insisting on lavish weddings paid for by the other family--why not wear a sign, "I GOT A RICH ONE, YA'LL!" Revolting.
Tue, Nov.13th 2007
I don't know if Trump has a prenup, but his wife is hot

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