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pre-marital financial planning [Page 1 of 3]

You may never have balanced your checkbook. But now that you are getting married, it is time you and your fiancée talked about finances. GroomGroove.com presents an article on pre-marital financial planning. From spending and saving to bank accounts and investments, keep your marriage financially balanced.

"Money issues," reports Claire Meillet, 28, of Chicago, Illinois "led to our first real 'fight'. Rob and I had tried to maintain separate bank accounts, but I was always the one buying groceries, from my account. I had enough. We needed a better strategy."

Money is the number one cause of friction in a marriage, and a frequent contributor to divorce. Much of that friction can be avoided in advance of getting married by having an open discussion with your fiancée about financial priorities and setting up a financial system to accomplish those priorities.


Spending Habits and Checking Accounts

Typically, newlyweds are advised by financial planners to set up a joint bank account. This forces the couple not to think of "my" money but "our" money and is particularly important when one spouse earns more than the other or one spouse is perceived as the breadwinner. However, couples that maintained separate bank accounts prior to getting married often find it difficult to adjust to having joint bank accounts. "Having two checking accounts wasn't working," Rob Stevens, Claire's husband says, "but having only one single account wasn't going to be a solution. We settled on a single bank account where our pay was being deposited, groceries and investments would be paid out of, then paid each other $300 per week for our own spending to a separate account."

Not uncommon, such strategies allow couples to be responsible with their spending, particularly if one spouse has different spending habits (read: shopping) than the other. If, for example, Rob spent his $300 one week on tickets and travel to the "Final Four" college basketball tournament, he'd have to wait until next payday to be replenished.

Sticking closely to the rules is an important part of maintaining financial bliss, as most of the problems related to money are resentment-related.

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Thu, Dec.3rd 2015
Gorgeous, Pepper & Mitch!! Just gorgeous! I love all of the shots of those pcuoires flower girls, but my favorite is the one of them walking down the aisle. And that last image of the bride and groom is great what a moment! I love it! Looking forward to your chat on the Pictage forum tonight!
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Wed, Oct.10th 2012
Hey! I'm new to Sweet Shot Tuesdays. LOVE these pics. I'm an Army wife myself. My bretah caught in my throat to see such a young man so decorated already, with such a gorgeous bride.
Tue, Mar.22nd 2011
Both male and female have spending habits that are different from each other. And there is no cookie cutter approach to determine what might be best in your marriage. Be aware, though, that you can still retain sole and separate assets (and income derived from those assets) from the community. There is nothing wrong with separating assets as long as it is handled BEFORE the marriage. If you have assets you wish to protect, visit www.SecondThoughtsonMarriage.com for suggestions and advice.
Thu, Jan.14th 2010
I do agree with Jesse, that men aren't always the best spenders either...but I'm assuming she is a woman, otherwise she wouldn't be so offended...if that is the case, why is there a woman on GROOMgrove.com?
Sun, Jun.7th 2009
Get your fiancée to put the credit cards away. Hide them, if necessary! That's still pretty bad. If my boyfriend hid my credit cards, he wouldn't be respecting me or my financial decisions. I would be very, very ticked.
Wed, Apr.9th 2008
Good point, Jesse. We've edited the article to recognize that guys can be bad spenders as well as the ladies. Thanks.
Wed, Apr.9th 2008
"You will essentially become her personal banker. She'll quickly understand the value of money and the value of saving. No new shoes until she has the money to pay for them" Wow this is really offensive to women and any man who values the intellect of their bride. What this article is suggesting is less of a means of saving and more as a teaching tool for ignorant females! In what century was this written?! Odds are she had an allowance as a kid for those same reasons. And the 'new shoes' comment, was that really nessecary? If thats the bride you've chosens biggest concern perhaps that shows a lapse of judgement on both ends of the spectrum.

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