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a groom's guide to engagement rings [Page 1 of 3]

So, fearless man who is getting serious, the time has come for you to pop the question. If you're thinking of going down on one knee and asking her to marry you in the traditional way, you'd better have the engagement ring handy. You'll be surprised to know, however, that much in the way of marriage proposals has changed over the past decades, and in lockstep, so too have the options when it comes to engagement rings. This is a good place to start learning.

While it's becoming more popular for couples to decide to become engaged in an off-hand manner and then venture down to the jeweler to choose the engagement ring together, many women still feel there's something special about wearing a ring that their beau has chosen especially for them. Accordingly, you'll want to make the right choice when it comes to an engagement ring.

Making the Right Choice of Engagement Ring
Before you can even consider looking at rings, you need to find out a few basic things about engagement rings in general, but most importantly, the potential preferences of your girlfriend:

- What is her ring size?
- Does she prefer platinum, yellow or white gold? Do you know?
- Does she prefer simple styles or would she prefer an engagement ring that will be instantly noticed?
- Do you know what kind of cut of stone she prefers?

By studying the kind of jewelery your bride-to-be (yes, that's what she'll become!) generally wears, you can find out a lot about her tastes. If she wears simple jewelery, this may be a sign that a diamond solitaire may be more appropriate than a flashy engagement ring carrying a cluster of gems.

Be aware of any jewelery she admires, especially engagement rings. If she appears to be particularly impressed by a certain ring, make a mental note of the cut and shape of the stone and the color of the gold.

The ring you choose should reflect her personality—she'll be wearing it for a long time, after all.

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How can you not love this couple? They have this natarul understated presence without seeming to have any other agendas. You get the feeling that they truly adore each other and kudos to Alisha for knowing how to capture that beautifully in these timeless images. Phew!
Antique Engagement Ring Lady
Mon, Nov.14th 2011
As a person who sells antique engagement rings I would like to add that knowing her ring size is important. Also, spend what you can afford, the 2 months salary rule was invented by the industry. Giving the salesperson a price range is best. If you are shopping alone an going to surprise her, find out what the return policy is, just in case.
GIA Report
Tue, May.31st 2011
Thanks for this article--it's a great starting point for ring shopping. I would also recommend that you be sure you only consider purchasing diamonds that have been certified by a reputable lab like GIA. GIA developed the 4 C's grading system in the first place and they are known for their accuracy and strictness in grading. Having a lab report from GIA is crucial if you want to know exactly what you are buying!
Ricky N.
Sun, Jan.30th 2011
Good article! If I may add, it was really helpful for me to learn about grading certificates when I was ring shopping. It's such a big purchase and it's so important to know exactly what you're getting. From what I've learned through my whole (painstaking) shopping process, GIA has the strictest grading standards and the best reputation in the industry. I found their website helpful, especially in researching the 4 C's. www.gia4cs.gia.edu
Robert Gallagher
Sun, Nov.14th 2010
Good article. I cant stress the importance of doing your research before you buy an engagement ring or any diamond jewellery as it happens. There are so many price variations and different certificates. After doing alot of research we decided to go for a GIA certified diamond as they are the lab who invented the diamond grading system. All the most important diamonds in the world are graded by them as the GIA provide the most reliable and accurate grade. We bought our engagement ring from a specialist jeweller in Manchester http://www.giadiamondjewellery.com/ I bought a stunning ring for my partner for about 6.5K and it was valued by a totally independent valuer for 13K. Do your research its worth it. Regards Robert
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Mon, Jul.5th 2010
Many prefer white gold to platinum because it can be sized and is less expensive for the same look. Fellas - if you purchase a white gold ring, ask if it contains nickel. It is not uncommon for someone to become allergic to nickel after prolonged exposure...either the whole ring contains the nickel alloy or the rhodium plating wears down and the nickel becomes exposed and your lady's finger may not be able to handle the ring unless it is replated in another metal. Not a purchase you want to chance your lady being allergic to!
Fri, Jun.25th 2010
Great thoughts and I would add that there are different rules for buying an engagement ring online. I wrote an article to help with that: http://www.danforthdiamond.com/how-to-buy-an-engagement-ring-online/
Vince K
Sun, Apr.11th 2010
Before you buy anything, check out Philip Press = www.platinumrings.com. Your wife is going to be wearing this thing for decades so go for the best quality. My fiance loves her ring that we bought here and I feel proud to have chosen a handcrafted ring that is the finest.
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Eh... The two-months-salary tradition was invented by diamond sellers. It doesn't even go back a whole century.
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Tue, Jul.28th 2009
Thanks for writing such a helpful guide - so many articles about this focus on only the diamond, but the metal is so important! After doing tons of research, I feel like platinum is the only choice... I really like that it is naturally white and won't require redipping all the time! And the durability is also a plus. Anyway, thanks again and good luck to everyone reading!
Mon, Jan.12th 2009
RichS!, I couldn't agree more. I am lucky to have my grandmother's diamond from her engagement ring. Really want my choice to reflect my girlfriend's personality, and I think she will love the sentimental quality of the stone. Was lost when it came to choosing a setting style and metal. I visited the site you recommended http://www.engagementguide.com and it was soooo helpful. The comparisons on ring settings and characteristics of metal were EXACTLY what I needed. Never knew the extent to which platinum outweighs other metals. My number one priority in my decision is wear, and platinum is a perfect metal for everyday wear as it loses little metal over time and will not tarnish.. (it actaully develops a matte shimmer women seem to love - it's patina) Great article, great site! Thanks so much!
Fri, Dec.19th 2008
This is a great article. I wish I had seen it before I had proposed to my girlfriend. Picking a diamond cut was the easy part for me because she told me exactly what she wanted. But picking the metal for the band really stressed me out. I knew nothing. I googled it and found this amazing site www.engagementguide.com and it had everything I could possibly need. After much research, I chose platinum for its obvious reasons (rare, pure and luxurious) but it is also hypoallergenic, which is good because other metals irritate my girlfriend's skin. When I proposed, my girlfriend loved the ring. She had clearly did her research and was impressed I had chosen the perfect ring, platinum band and all!
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I'm looking to propose soon and have looked everywhere for the perfect ring. Thanks to Mike's suggestion, I have an appointment with Tara in a week to look at possible rings and prices!
Sat, Sep.6th 2008
This article was my starting point, and thanks for the recommendation! I had a strict budget for the ring...and I didn't think I was going to be able to get what my fiance wanted for the amount I had. I called the place, For Richer or Poorer and got what she wanted at what I wanted to pay. Tara was patient, honest, and really gave us an education on what we were buying
Wed, May.14th 2008
I got that website wrong...The site is www.richer-or-poorer.com. Check it out, Tara's great to work with.
Thu, Feb.14th 2008
I got the ring from a New York based company that custom designs rings, and offers personal appointments - plus their prices beat everyone else. They walk you through the process, literally holding your hand all of the way! I got a 1.77ct diamond set in a platinum and diamond setting for $10,000. It got appraised for over $18,000! Check them out, ask for Tara. For-richer-or-poorer.com They can make anything you can think of.
Wed, Feb.6th 2008
As a grad student, its always important to get a deal living on a tight stipend, and get exactly what you want. I went with bluenile I got exactly what I wanted, for a price I was willing to pay. And the best part, it appraised over $3000 more then I paid for it. She was happy, I was happy and the ring was BEAUTIFUL.
wedding bound
Fri, Feb.1st 2008
If you're on a budget, try looking into CZ (Cubic Zirconia) engagement rings. My bride-to-be and I have good careers but decided that the diamond can come later on. We both went to the Jewelry District in Los Angeles and picked out a great engagement ring set with diamonds on the side and a CZ center stone at about 300.00. We are currently on our 2nd week of 3 weeks of planning and thought that the wedding getaway with close family and friends are first in point to pay for. Whether you're doing fast planning for a wedding or just on a budget, your bride-to-be wouldn't mind consider saving by getting a CZ stone to put more into the actual wedding. You have a whole lifetime after the wedding together to rightfully pick the stone of her choice.
Newbie at this whole ring jazz
Wed, Dec.19th 2007
Don\'t be afraid to go shopping with her at antique stores - you might find a real bargain and a design that you can\'t find anymore...I found a ring appraised at $3000 for $300 (!!!), and she loved it, it was a perfect fit from the get go...
Thu, Dec.13th 2007
good article. its hard to find "the right ring"...there are a lot of styles that i didn't actually see at stores when i popped that scary question haha! but really though, i gave her a mokume gane ring. really sweet work, check out www.georgesawyer.com thats where i got mine at..his work is incredible

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