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buying an engagement ring online [Page 1 of 2]

You're a groom in the market for an engagement ring but can't stand the nosy salesclerks. You're looking for perfection within reach, but you don't want to be hassled into a bad deal. Is there any way for a groom to bypass Tiffany's (or Costco's!) employee of the month? GroomGroove.com suggests buying your future fiancee an engagement ring online. With wholesale prices, it's fast becoming an attractive alternative for grooms everywhere.

Buying diamonds online

As a groom-to-be, you may never have considered going online to find that all-important token of eternal love, the engagement ring. But with the advent of engagement ring shopping online comes the weighty question of consumer confidence. With so much at stake, it can be difficult for a groom to fork over several thousand dollars on a diamond engagement ring he can't actually observe for the Four Cs (ed. that's carat, cut, color and clarity, by the way).

The key question is whether a diamond engagement ring that shows up in the Fedex box will look exactly the same as the ring on the site. Michael Arnot, founder of GroomGroove.com, speaking about a recent purchase at BlueNile.com, says: "the diamonds looked exactly as they appeared on the screen, with more sparkle." Further, he noted that BlueNile provided "a 'Goldilocks' solution. I wasn't overwhelmed with options. I found exactly what I was looking for, and BlueNile has customer reviews that gave me an added boost of confidence in the order." A groom will want to do some research, read reviews, and make sure the company's website is secure for making credit card purchases.

Get Educated -- Know Your Engagement Rings

When you're engagement ring shopping your most important weapon is knowledge. Some specifics to know about before giving your MasterCard number:

  • The 4 Cs: cut, clarity, color and carat.
  • What is your future bride's ring size?
  • Does your bride prefer platinum, yellow, white, or rose gold?
  • Does your bride prefer simple styles or one that will be instantly noticed by others?
  • Does she have more classic or contemporary taste?
You can get help answering these questions by reading our diamond buying guide.

Knowing more than the cut, clarity, color and carat...

You'll also need to know more than just the 4 Cs. You will need to know your bride. You can study the kind of jewelry she generally wears to understand her taste. If she wears simple jewelry, this is probably a sign that a diamond solitaire may be more appropriate than a flashy or intricate engagement ring carrying a cluster of gems. To reiterate, if she appears to be particularly impressed by a certain ring while casually shopping, make a mental note of the cut and shape of the stone and the color of the gold. (You could even take a shot of the ring with your camera phone, although that's probably a dead giveaway to the brick-and-mortar jewelry store that you are shopping around!) As online shopping can be a little impersonal, you may not find a perfect engagement ring by staring at a computer screen; GroomGroove.com recommends comparing online ring specifications with ones you've handled at your local jeweler.

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Tue, Oct.25th 2011
I bought the ring from James Allen, after seriously considering Blue Nile for some time. I must say, the process was painless, the customer service was awesome, and most importantly the ring was EXACTLY as I'd hoped. The upside to James Allen compared to Blue Nile was that James Allen has photos of the actual stone that you're looking to buy and has a virtual loupe feature that allows you to magnify the stone (10x) to visualize any inclusions. This is a very useful feature, as you could potentially find a stone that has SI-1 clarity but is eye clean because the inclusion may located in such a way that may be hidden to the naked eye. In fact, one could find a more eye clean SI-1 stone than VS-2, depending on the size/type/location of the inclusion. This could potentially save you lots of money while still getting a beautiful stone. Additionally, you can have their gemologists do light performance testing on up to 3 stones at a time and give you an idea which one may be more to your liking. They don't try to up sell you and they have a 60 day return/refund policy as well as free resizing. They even agreed to extend the 60 day complimentary resizing benefit since I'm not proposing to my lady until just over two months after I received the ring. I've heard lots of good things about Blue Nile and they certainly are the 'big dogs' of the online jewelers. However, at the end of the day the above mentioned things ultimately swayed me toward JamesAllen.com. They also had the setting that I wanted, and for a great price. Good luck fellas!!
Get a GIA report!
Tue, May.31st 2011
Seems like there are some real benefits to shopping online. I would just try to be aware of the return policy and make sure the seller has good feedback/a good reputation. And most importantly, I would not buy a diamond that was not certified by a reputable lab, like GIA. Especially since you're not going to be able to see it in person before you buy, you want to know exactly what you are getting. A GIA report is the best way to know the 4 C's of your stone, as well as any other specifications. They are the most respected lab in the industry and have the most accurate grading reports.
Benji W.
Sun, Jan.30th 2011
Couple good tips if you're ordering your ring online: First don't just go by a picture or a description. This is a BIG purchase! Make sure you ask for a GIA grading report with your purchase that will tell you all about the 4 C's of your stone. Second, not all grading reports are the same. GIA has the best reputation and is considered to be the most accurate. Plus, they can tell you if your stone has been artificially treated or enhanced. And third, it can't hurt to ask about a return policy. Good luck!
Mon, Jun.28th 2010
The only reason I wouldn't shop at Blue Nile is because they dont have the "try before you buy" idea that EternityDiamonds.com has. Why would I want to order from a picture, if I could try on the actual ring without paying for it?
Erez Rothem
Sun, May.2nd 2010
Excellent Article, Thanks for Sharing!
Wed, Dec.16th 2009
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Tue, Dec.15th 2009
Couples who want to shop for wedding rings online; there is so much to choose from. There are so many online jewelry stores from where you can shop wedding bands at affordable prices. The best part is that you can shop from the luxury of your bedroom by just clicking a mouse button. Most of the jewelers offer an array of mens wedding bands on the Internet. Many online jewelry stores provide certification papers and a money back guarantee. http://www.skyfacet.com
Sat, Jun.6th 2009
for the one i love
Wed, Apr.1st 2009
The key question is whether a diamond engagement ring that shows up in the Fedex box will look exactly the same as the ring on the site. Michael Arnot, founder of GroomGroove.com, speaking about a recent purchase at BlueNile.com, says: "the diamonds looked exactly as they appeared on the screen, with more sparkle." This is the dumbest thing I have read today!
Mon, Jan.19th 2009
I actually work in a jewelry store and have had several people come in with online purchases thinking they have something of value, only to find out the diamond they purchased was clarity treated, which means they drill holes into the diamond to 'dig out' the inclusions. You cannot do anything with these stones, as they will actually 'explode' with heat! BE VERY VERY CAREFUL!! Go to a custom jeweler who has a good reputation in your area!!
Thu, Nov.6th 2008
I used online sites to find a ring I wanted to purchase, but I was afraid it wouldn't actually be the same ring in person. What I did was printed a picture of the ring and had to find a custom designer. I finally found Tara who explained the dangers of purchasing online diamonds. After 2 appointments she had the ring all made for me! I'd suggest checking her out - www.richer-or-poorer.com - she was amazing to work with, she even made our wedding bands!
Mon, Sep.29th 2008
Got a beautiful quality ring from www.eternityweddingbands.com
Thu, Jul.10th 2008
I didn't really like Blue Nile. I actually got a great deal from another online site called www.idonowidont.com. There was a small but good collection and you can actually buy a larger priced diamond for more than half of what it would normally cost at a store.
Tue, Feb.26th 2008
I went with bluenile - definitely a great choice. The ring looks great, I got exactly what I wanted, it was much cheaper than similar rings from other jewelers, and most importantly - she loved it! As for maintenance, you're probably going to have to find a local jeweler and pay them for anything you need done, but that's going to be true for just about any jewelery you buy unless you get it from a national chain.
Tue, Jan.15th 2008
Sat, Dec.29th 2007
I just bought one on Blue Nile and it rocked. It is amazing how large of a gap between the arcane (and archaic) retailers and online sites still exists. I had a guy in a jewelry store trying to sell me an uncertified stone and by the afternoon I was reviewing GIA certifications online. Not only can you buy with complete transparency on your terms - you will also save 20-30% under retail + sales tax (if you live in a state that has it). You can get a lot more ring for your buck. If you feel less confident about buying the whole ring online, buy the diamond and get it set locally.
Thu, Dec.13th 2007
...there are a lot of styles that i didn't actually see at stores when i popped that scary question haha! but really though, i gave her a mokume gane ring. really sweet and unique stuff, check out georgesawyer thats where i got mine at..his work is incredible
Wed, Nov.7th 2007
I went through \'Adimor\' it was great. I got the most fabulous ring and everyone thinks it cost 10X more than it did. Get the round cut, it is the very best cut and the most beautiful. Seriously, it looks amazing
Thu, Nov.1st 2007
I went through BlueNile and it couldn't have been an easier process. Very professional. I chose to build my own ring based what I knew she was looking for in the diamond and band. The ring was built, shipped and delivered on the exact dates posted. The ring came out perfect and she loves it.

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