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St. John Weddings [Page 1 of 2]

The island of St. John in the Caribbean Sea is both paradise and a sanctuary for grooms and brides looking to get hitched -- or re-hitched -- on the beach. GroomGroove.com sought out St. John's Barefoot Minister, Anne Marie Porter, for some ideas on how to make your destination beach wedding a reality in the U.S. Virgin Islands.

St. John in the U.S. Virgin Islands.

St. John is a Caribbean island that forms part of the U.S. Virgin Islands, a small slice of the United States just east of Puerto Rico. 3/4 of the island is designated as a National Park, and is therefore completely undeveloped. With crystal clear water and some of the top rated beaches in the Caribbean, the U.S. Virgin Islands is an ideal place for a destination beach wedding.

The Deal

If her voice is any indication, the sun is certainly shining on Anne Marie Porter, a well-known professional wedding officiate, and a twenty-five year resident on the U.S. Virgin Islands. With pale sands and the ocean as your altar, grooms and brides can be married by Porter in a personalized ceremony for only $400. Included in this price tag are all consultations, a ceremony at the location of your choice, and a certified copy of the license and certificate of marriage. (A separate $100 fee will need to be paid to the court for your marriage license.) This is quite a bargain, given that you are looking at a minimum of that amount, if not more, for licensing and officiate fees in other parts of the world that are much less beach-friendly!

St. John's Barefoot Minister

"This is truly my passion and my life's work," says Porter, in an interview with GroomGroove.com. Not content to stand before a bride and groom and read a canned selection from a book, Porter has developed a unique approach to the wedding ceremony, earning her the moniker "St. John's Barefoot Minister."

"I have no paper in my hands," Porter says proudly. "I create each ceremony based on the couple's individual needs." For this reason, many interfaith couples choose St John Weddings. The barefoot minister reports that she performs many "spiritual ceremonies," in addition to religious ceremonies. She often brings the ceremony "back to nature," describing the environment surrounding the couple as they make their commitment to each other.

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Wed, Nov.3rd 2010
Your Comments this is fun and thank you for all the info it makes it so easy for one first time round

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