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Far be it for you, humble groom, to weigh in on your bride's wedding gown, but since it's going to be a huge factor in your wedding budget, (and this may directly affect your wallet), it will pay to have a say. Instead of spending $4000 on a wedding gown, GroomGroove.com suggests trying - ever so gently - to convince your fiancée to spend $200 on a gown from Target's new wedding collection. Affordable, designer-made and nobody is likely to know the difference... except for your bride, of course. So don't push it!

Target: One stop shopping for air conditioning units and wedding gowns

Target, that hip store selling everything from fly swatters to Martha Stewart is now offering wedding gowns on the cheap. Recently featured on Oprah , Target began offering the gowns in May 2007 for the rock bottom price of $200. You could save a lot of coin on the over-hyped wedding gown and alternatively invest it in:

•  a down payment on a house

•  a little nest egg of an investment

•  a lavish honeymoon in Bali

What do brides think?

While reviews are mixed, GroomGroove.com contacted several recent brides to get their take. "I wouldn't be caught dead in it," says recent bride, Karina Thomas, of Orlando. "Chintz out on the shoes or other accessories, but not on the gown." On the contrary, reports Jane Gerretsen, of Toronto: "We're spending enough as it is - and I think I'm pretty enough to overcome any potential defaults in the gown!"

One-time use

While the guys at GroomGroove.com don't claim to be experts on wedding gowns, we do know that most bridal gowns are used only once and are typically boxed up never to be seen or heard from again (God willing). They take up space in the attic, collect dust and are brought out once every 25 years to show to grandchildren. That's about it. GroomGroove.com questions the bridal industry's fetish for spending so much on something that only makes a cameo appearance. With the average cost of a bridal gown being around $1000, is there really a noticeable quality difference between that and Target's wedding gown?

Target some alternatives

If wearing a Target gown isn't going to fly with your fiancée, you could also suggest alternatives to brand spanking new wedding gowns. Wedding gowns can be purchased second hand, or from "trunk shows" of wedding gown designers. Thomas notes that her gown "was worth about $6000 new, but it was worn once in a bridal show so the price was knocked down to around $750." Deals abound, and Target's offering may be the best. GroomGroove.com suggests you check it out. Remind your fiancée that with her beautiful face and figure, a few gorgeous distractions (we're told they're called "accessories"--remember that term!), who knows, maybe she'll be game. Email your fiancée this article by clicking the email link above.



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Wed, Aug.13th 2014
Great post! I read a lot of business books, but often I find I get the best iaoiprntisn from fiction. I think it stimulates the brain in ways that non-fiction never can. One of my recent favorites was Sophie's Choice: definitely not wedding/event related, but OH! the stunning word choices, OH! the imagery! I love to read and it's inspiring to hear that others feel the same way!
Thu, Jun.21st 2007
Forget investing in house, i want a flatscreen!! she'll never ever go for it, but I'm going to tell her about it.

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