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funny wedding cake toppers [Page 1 of 1]

Nothing lightens the mood at a swanky wedding reception quite like a funny wedding cake topper. Picture a plastic groom sitting on the john while a disapproving bride looks on or the bride dragging her groom to the altar. GroomGroove.com suggests illustrating to your guests your sense of humor as a couple by incorporating one or two funny flourishes from a company such as WeddingAccessories.net, WeddingMountain.com, or PartyWedding.com.

For about $20 before shipping, (free shipping for most orders over $150), you can get a four and a quarter inch tall bride and groom to top your cake and spark conversation amongst your guests. For the secure bride, WeddingAccessories.net has a runaway bride cake topper, for the equally secure groom, there's a reluctant groom topper. For the playful couple, Weddingaccessories.net has a feuding couple to sit atop your wedding cake, and the classic ball and chain bride and groom, just to name a few.

WeddingMountain.com features the perfect wedding cake toppers for every type of couple. Among Groom Groove's favorite is one for the power couple: the Cell Phone Fanatic Bride and Groom. And because it can be a challenge to find non-Caucasian wedding cake toppers, Wedding Mountain offers a full selection of "Ethnic Interchangeable" toppers. (Very modern.)

Is a funny wedding cake topper tacky? Your bride might argue that this is the on par with plastic flamingos on the lawn of a stately house. Unless you want your wedding to be as somber as a wake, or you have several members of the Royal Family in attendance, a funny wedding cake topper is not a large enough detail to change peoples' minds about the classiness of your wedding. If this subject turns you and your fiancee into the feuding couple, you can also check out classic and less controversial wedding cake toppers and figurines.

Companies such as PartyWedding.com feature traditional, Bisque, Celtic, Precious Moments, and many more. These tend toward the whimsical and, well..."precious" in that they're going to be more your bride's speed (or her grandmother) than yours. But most purveyors of wedding cake toppers offer the straightforward bride and groom who look nothing like you and manage not to offend anyone.

Some companies, such as WeddingShowerGifts.com even offer custom wedding cake toppers, which are hand-sculpted to look just like the bride and groom, using photos as a reference. Monogram wedding toppers and well as symbolic (non-bride and groom) toppers are also a popular alternative.

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Wed, Oct.10th 2012
In the early 20th century most ploepe just wore their best clothes to a wedding. Even the bride often just wore her best clothes, or perhaps splashed out on a new suit or gown which afterwards would be worn for best ; only really rich brides had a white dress just for the wedding. The only ploepe in the wedding party who might deliberately be dressed alike were the bridesmaids, and even this wasn't always done except by affluent ploepe who could afford to buy frocks specially for this single occasion. Clothes were relatively far more expensive then than they are now. A new suit was a big investment, and unless you lived in a big city you were unlikely to have a wide choice perhaps the men's outfitters where these ploepe lived only sold one style of suit and tie!Similarly, many of the rules about wedding etiquette, such as who stands where in photographs and so on, are inventions of the last half-century. As the custom of having a white wedding with bridesmaids and ushers etc. spread among ploepe whose parents and grandparents didn't dream of such things, all the professionals the caterers, the photographers, the printers, etc, etc, etc. seized the opportunity to tell them how it ought to be done, and so a standard set of rules came into being. In the 1910s ploepe didn't consult rulebooks; they did what came naturally, or what their family or social group had always done, so customs from group to group varied a great deal.
Tue, Jul.10th 2012
Has anyone found a body building cake topper with the groom flexing his biceps or holding a dumbbell?
Thu, Feb.10th 2011
Forgot to put my email. theresajenkyn@gmail.com
Thu, Feb.10th 2011
Looking for a cake topper where the bride is dragging the groom by the scruff of the neck and he is wearing a football helmet
Thu, Jan.13th 2011
Your Comments looking for a cake topper very different ...groom is bodybuilder wearing tank-top holding bride in gown with one arm showing his "guns" and with the other arm holding a dumb-bell... help
Mon, Mar.22nd 2010
Looking for a cake topper where the bride and groom are not in formal attire.
Tue, Feb.2nd 2010
Great sources for unique, custom and humorous toppers. There are very funny bobble head style toppers with the likeness of the bride and groom also made from photos. www.funnyweddingcaketoppers.info
Sun, Jan.24th 2010
does anyone know where i can purchase a cake topper with the groom bent over the brides knee and the bride is about to smack the groom on the bottom.. i saw it on a web site months ago and now i can not find it anywhere...sharknean@hotmail.com
Thu, Jan.21st 2010
I need a groom tackling or wrestling with a trying to escape bride...anyone?
Sat, Jan.9th 2010
I also need a groom catching the bride with the fishing pole. please email me if you know where I can find one crashlyashley8@hotmail.com Thanks!
Thu, Sep.17th 2009
I need a king kong on the empire state building wedding cake topper. Let me know
Wed, Sep.16th 2009
weddingcollectibles.com is a GREAT site for all varieties of cake toppers [fishing, pulling one another, etc] Hope this is useful!
Thu, Aug.20th 2009
Hi, I am looking for a cake topper that is a bride and groom both fishing can u plz contact me on shartazbrooks@hotmail.com
Thu, Aug.20th 2009
Hi, I am looking for a cake topper that is a bride and groom both fishing can u plz contact me on shartazbrooks@HOTMAIL.COM
rose tyler
Thu, May.7th 2009
it is very funny and very cool i bought it and it worked well on the top of our cake
Mon, Nov.3rd 2008
Does anyone know where to find a groom pulling the bride email me at a8n3fan@aol.com thanks
Thu, Aug.28th 2008
archiemcphee.com has the bride pulling groom and groom pulling bride cake toppers
Sun, Aug.10th 2008
i am looking for a couple on a sailboat. something funny. goobercarroll@hotmail.com
Tue, Aug.5th 2008
Your Comments- did anyone seen a victory hammer bike ,bride driving it and pulling the grooms hair?
Fri, Jun.27th 2008
Does anyone know where to find a groom pulling the bride-groom upper hand in marriage.
Thu, Jun.19th 2008
I'm looking for a cake topper where the bride and groom are both fishing or atleast holding a fishing pole. Contact me at dwn_lee@yahoo.com
Wed, Jun.18th 2008
If anyone has seen a cake topper with a deer and the bride draging the groom i would like to know Pleas contact me at shutteraleannwilsonallen@yahoo.com
Mon, Apr.28th 2008
Has anyone seen any cake toppers where the groom "catches" the bride? As in the fishing scenarios and all other cake toppers I have seen, the bride has the upper hand so to speak, is there any where the groom has the upper hand? Anyone with any help would be greatly appreciated.
Thu, Mar.13th 2008
If anyone has seen a cake topper with the groom in a straight jacket, I NEED IT! :) info@packyourclothes.com

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