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cheaptux.com saves you money [Page 1 of 1]

Whether you are contemplating renting, buying or investing   in a tuxedo, there are a variety of price and quality points available to the modern groom. If you are thinking of renting, you should also consider buying a tuxedo on the cheap. What better place to go than CheapTux.com, a New York-based company selling a variety of quality tuxedos at great prices.

CheapTux.com began when founder, Harris Reinhardt, owned an employee agency sourcing waiters and bus boys to restaurants. "They all needed formal wear," Reinhardt says, "and we provided to the employees an affordable and durable tuxedo for $99." Branching out to a wider audience, Reinhardt launched Cheaptux.com, selling pre-made tuxedos over the internet.

Cheaptux's most affordable tuxedos packages begin at $139.95 with free shipping (with a basic tuxedo starting at $109.95), with higher quality tuxedos incrementally increasing in price. This includes a tuxedo jacket , pleated, adjustable waist tuxedo trousers, white, pleated tuxedo shirt, a cummerbund and bowtie and standard studs and cufflink set. Shoes are extra but Reinhardt notes that, "A groom may be able to get away with formal dress shoes that he already owns. They've got to be properly polished, however. I'd advise shelling out a bit more for patent leather shoes." $39.95, to be precise, for those ultra-shiny patent leather shoes. (A GroomGroove.com tip - polish those puppies to perfection with Windex and a cloth.)

"We can put together an affordable and quality tuxedo that will last beyond your wedding day, and make it look as modern as a slim-fit Hugo Boss tuxedo. The truth is that nobody will know the difference," Reinhardt says, "because people are focusing on you and the wedding and not the fact that you are wearing a cumberbund." To achieve a modern look, GroomGroove.com suggests trading the bowtie and cumberbund in favor of a long tie with or without vest. Cheaptux provides many combinations.

Sizes for a tuxedo are no different than any other suit that you have in your closet.  So if you wear a 44 Regular suit jacket, your tuxedo jacket is the same size.  Cheaptux suggest that customers order their normal waist size. Further, they can provide any size jacket with any size waist. With a 30 day money back guarantee, you can't go wrong.

And if you are concerned, you don't actually have to place your order online. The company has a fully-staffed customer service department ready to answer any questions you have. (CheapTux.com accepts all major credit cards (Visa, Mastercard, Discover, and American Express), personal checks, money orders, travelers checks, and PayPal. )

Your wedding party can be set up with Cheaptux by you selecting the style of tuxedo package and providing the number to your groomsmen. If you can convince your best man and other groomsmen to shell out for similar tuxedos, the entire party can get outfitted with a tuxedo to keep. It's not a bad idea, especially with rentals costing upwards of $150. Reinhardt says: "If you expect to wear a tuxedo more than once, then buying a tuxedo for $200 or less makes sense." GroomGroove.com agrees, and makes Cheaptux.com our pick of the week.



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