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gruber photographers capture the moment [Page 1 of 1]

Picture it: Central Park, on bended knee. You pull out your engagement ring, she tears up and says the word you've been waiting to hear, "Yes!"   A photographer, hidden from view, captures this amazing moment on film.   Several months later, for her birthday, a heart-shaped box arrives in the mail   containing a book of pictures that Gruber Photographers took of your proposal. She's blown away. She now has a one-of-a-kind keepsake she'll cherish forever.

Too far-fetched? The photographers at Gruber don't think so. They've been setting up such shots at locations in New York City for some time now. "It's such an amazing moment," says Terry deRoy Gruber, founder of Gruber Photographers and originator of the idea. "Everything in your life changes from that moment on, and yet you'll have more photos of your wedding place settings than that historic moment."  

Is it a little bit freaky to have moment captured by wedding paparazzi? GroomGroove.com tends to think that the groom is going to have the question and the moment on his mind more so than photographs. "Step closer to this flower bed and face the right...." is not going to be running through the groom's mind. "If it happens the way we plan it," Gruber explains, "the photographer isn't even there."

For a very reasonable fee the company can set up a surreptitious shoot in a matter of hours.   "One week's notice is ideal," Gruber says, "so as to provide enough time to allow for contingency plans, cell phone numbers, and diversions."

Shown on this page are actual engagement photos from Gruber, taken of grooms popping the question.

"My favorite moment," Gruber explains, "was the groom who proposed on a picnic blanket in Sheep's Meadow in Central Park. He got behind the bride, covered her eyes,   placed the ring box in her hand. The bride was overcome with joy and the totally unexpected applause of the audience of surrounding sunbathers."

The best part of the secret may be the surprise method in which it arrives. Gruber explains: "It makes for an ideal birthday or Valentine's Day gift. It is out the ordinary and, frankly, much better than a box of chocolates." Chocolates can be nice as well, but GroomGroove.com agrees.

When we asked whether they had ever captured a woman saying...."Gee thanks, but...", Gruber responded with an emphatic: "Never. By that point, the groom has to be pretty certain that the bride is going to give the answer that he is looking for. That would be awkward, though - a 'keepsake' in a different way!"

GroomGroove.com makes Hidden Camera Proposal Photos from Gruber Photographers our pick of the week.  

212-262-9777 www.gruberphotographers.com

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