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wedding gift from a groomsman [Page 1 of 3]

Groomsmen are expected to drop a couple of hundred bucks when they attend their buddy's wedding. Aside from renting a tuxedo (complete with itchy, poly-cotton blend shirt), and getting to the wedding, groomsmen expected to buy a wedding gift. Here are some tips from GroomGroove.com.

How much to spend

We're on your side. We realize that you've reached into your wallet at least a coupe of times already, to get to your buddy's wedding, pay for a tuxedo rental, book a hotel room, etc. That said, as a groomsman, it's appropriate to hit the $100 mark when it comes to a wedding gift for the marrying couple. Sure, you could spend less, but $100 virtually guarantees that you will get a long-lasting, quality gift, versus a coffee machine that will last two years.

Who Are You Buying For

While you are the groom's groomsman, and it may be tempting to buy him some frivolous piece of technology that he will undoubtedly love and cherish, you've also got to remember that you are part of a wedding party that involves a groom and a bride are getting married. Accordingly, you should hunt for a gift with both of the newlyweds in mind.

The Wedding Gift Registry

Chances are, the groom and bride have spent a Saturday afternoon hunting around a large department store, armed with a scanner gun to create their gift registry. More than likely, they will have also sent out some sort of announcement about where they are registered. When in doubt, just ask the couple. Most major department stores offer a gift registry, which makes it very easy for wedding guests to logon to the registry (often online), pick an item, enter their credit card and presto - the gift gets wrapped and delivered to the couple shortly after the wedding. It couldn't get much easier. The wedding registry is essentially the groom and bride saying: "Here is a list of all the stuff that we would like to outfit our digs." If done right, the groom and bride will have items on the registry at various price points.article continues...
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