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Suggested games and activities

Every bride and groom brings his or her own flavor to a wedding. You should do your best to accommodate their style.

Kissing games: Clinking of glasses to start the first kiss is generally your duty. By the same token, you should check with the reception staff as many venues now have policy against clinking glasses, but would prefer that guests clink something a bit sturdier, such as plates. An alternative is to have guests request a kiss from the bride and groom in a more unique way than by clinking their glass. For instance, you could suggest an open microphone where guests come up and share a story about the newlyweds. Or, akin to a putting game on The Price Is Right gameshow, you could set up a golf putting green. When a guest sinks a putt, the couple kisses. Finally, if you acquire trivia about the couple beforehand, you could pick audience members to answer trivia questions. If they guess correctly, the couple kisses. These alternatives aside, clinking of glasses prevails and you are likely to be the first to get the first kiss going.

Wedding countdown: Invite several married couples among the guests on stage and ask the newlyweds to accompany them. From here, ask all couples that have been married for less than a year to leave the stage. Proceed to eliminate couples by moving upward in years (5, 10, 15, 20 (!) years). When you get down to a handful of couples, continue upward one year at a time until you have one couple left. This winning couple will then get to share their secrets for success with the guests and the newlyweds.

Chin pass: Have the wedding party form a circle. Take a round object such as a tennis ball and ask one of the participants to hold it using only their chin. From here, the participants will pass the item from chin to chin. When the item drops, the two people who dropped it are eliminated.

Find a Friend: Have each guest write their name on an index card as they enter the reception. Randomly pass the cards out before the cake is served. Then, instruct the guests to find the person listed on their card. Once they do, they will be able to get in line for cake - a great way to get the guests mingling.

How well do they know each other?: Have the bride and groom sit in chairs, back to back, in the middle of the room. Have each remove one shoe, and pass it to the other. Ask the newlyweds questions such as: "Which of you is the late riser?" They should lift the shoe to vote. This seems to always produce some interesting moments.

Chicken dance: This ridiculous dance is a wedding staple...and sure to produce a fair share of laughs. Other popular dance songs that get the crowd involved will work too. Try the Macarena , Electric Slide or YMCA .

Conga line: Get the wedding party to start a conga line - eventually all the guests will join in.

Musical chairs: Something about watching the wedding party play musical chairs is fascinating and entertaining. GroomGroove.com isn't exactly sure why.

No matter what type of wedding, games can help create an experience that the guests will remember for a lifetime.

P.S. Don't forget to check out our suggested wedding MC joke book by clicking on the link.

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these games make for a dumd mr.bean wedding
Tue, Nov.10th 2009
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Thu, Aug.13th 2009
I like the game ideas, but really, who hasn't exhausted this short list of games at a previous wedding already? I wish they had compiled more selections. Weddings happen all the time, with many creative planners on board... Surely there are far more games than this short list for someone less imaginative (like me) to copy from.
Thu, Jul.16th 2009
Terrible game selections!!!!! more for a 16th bday then a wedding!!
Fri, Jul.10th 2009
These games are cliche.
Mon, Jun.22nd 2009
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Mon, Jan.5th 2009
This website has lots of good ideas for that perfect wedding day.

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