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You always knew that the day would come when your daughter would come to you and announce that she’s engaged to be married. Hopefully, you’ve been saving your money…weddings don’t come cheap!

Aside from your monetary obligations, you will also be highly involved in the nitty-gritty details of planning this wedding. During the planning process, be prepared to be at your daughter’s beckon call. This may sound harsh, but don’t try to organize anything unless you have been asked. Feel free to offer unsolicited suggestions, but don’t be offended if your daughter and future son-in-law choose not to use them. Always keep in mind that this is not your wedding.

That said, you should offer moral support and make yourself available to help with everything from checking out reception sites to selecting wedding favors. Read over this list to get a better idea of what will be expected of you in the months leading up to the wedding.

Before the Wedding
-Offer to help plan any part of the wedding and/or honeymoon
-Attend the rehearsal and rehearsal dinner
-At the rehearsal dinner, present a toast to the groom

The Wedding Day - The Ceremony
-Travel to the ceremony with your daughter
-Walk your daughter down the aisle
-Attend the photo shoot

The Wedding Day - The Reception
-You and your daughter’s mother are the official hosts of the reception
-Stand in the receiving line beside your daughter
-Mingle with guests and thank them for coming
-Make a short toast to welcome the guests
Present a speech
-Dance with the mother of your daughter during the official “first dance”
-Dance with your daughter
-Bid farewell to the departing guests
-You are traditionally the last person to leave the reception

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Your Comments: Thank you so much for posting this article. It settled many questions that needed to be answered and gave me a better insight as to those duties which I may or may not be expected of me. At any rate, I'll know that I shall be on solid ground should there be a difference of opinion regarding the proper protocol of the situation.I'm making a copy and shall have it with me. Thank you, again.
Sun, Apr.26th 2009
Your Comments When introducing mom and dad and step mom and dads; who's on first? Real mom and dad first, then the "steps" or what? Grand-steps as well.
Fri, Jan.30th 2009
It's "beck and call" not "beckon call".

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