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wedding mc joke guide [Page 1 of 2]

Envisioning a nervous, sweaty performance under the glares of a bored and hostile crowd? Relax, you're undoubtedly a charismatic guy, or you wouldn't have been asked. A little bit of preparation will ensure a great success, and should leave you feeling a lot more confident about your impending duties.

Wedding MC Joke of the Day

First date joke

Whoever named it necking was a poor judge of anatomy.

Groucho Marx

MCing is a great responsibility. You'll need to introduce the head table and toasters, read messages from friends and family not in attendance, and keep the evening flowing, while always injecting a bit of humor into your delivery. Do a stellar job and you'll make the evening a lot of fun for everyone.  

The first things to consider when planning what to say, are the wishes of the bride and groom.   You're serving as an honor to them, so find out the tone they want for their big night. Ask them about their expectations for jokes and toasts, and see if they can warn you on potential troubles. A heads-up on Uncle Leo's predisposition towards long- winded, incoherent speeches might spare the guests and earn you the gratitude of the family in the know.

Now on to the jokes!

The best possible thing the guys at Groom Groove could've done for you is to find hundreds of great wedding jokes. If you've done a search on the web, though, you'll understand that good material is hard to come buy. We highly suggest The Wedding MC Joke Book which was created by two crazy comedians from Canada. The book has literally dozens of great, classy and - most importantly - funny jokes for a wedding MC. It's easy.

You're probably not a stand up comedian, (unless, uhh, you are a comedian) but you don't need to be one to do a great job, and have everyone laughing throughout the evening. The guests are on your side. This is not a hostile crowd and heckling at a wedding is considered in very poor taste (even though it's funny when it happens.) Everyone wants to have a good time, laugh a little, and enjoy the evening's celebration.

Telling a humorous personal story or anecdote about your relationship to either the bride or groom will connect you to any guests you don't already know, and hopefully leave them primed to laugh at what comes out of your mouth.

Surfing wedding joke sites on the web might leave you with the impression that your jokes need be a little risqué. DON'T FALL FOR IT! Jokes about the upcoming honeymoon, or about underwear that may or may not adorn the bride will leave your audience uncomfortable and are unlikely to get you the kind of laughs you're after.

Above all else, stay away from any kind of mother-in-law jokes. Please, if you've got any compassion for the poor groom, don't turn his mother-in-law against him from the start of the marriage.   There will be plenty of time for that later!

Choosing the right joke

Your comic material can be sourced from hundreds of websites, or even your local bookstore. While selecting your jokes, try to avoid anything overly generic, and concentrate on one-liners that can be personalized to the happy couple. Your own jokes are usually the best. Again, you don't have to be a professional comedian to be funny. Jokes are usually just observations that are carefully analyzed and well-told. As the MC, think about the things you've observed about the bride and groom over the years, and (if you feel comfortable), even the things you're observing at the reception, as long as they're in good taste. Don't choose material based solely on what makes you laugh; always test your jokes out on a few others. This ensures that the joke has a broad appeal, and the more you practice a joke, the better your delivery will be at the crucial moment.

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Thu, Aug.25th 2011
Hey, stuble must be your middle name. Great post!
Ajit Meedhurs
Wed, Sep.22nd 2010
This website could not get any lamer.
Mon, Jul.12th 2010
Don't like how all this assumes the MC is a man - I am MCing at my cousin's wedding and am NOT a man!
great info
Mon, Jun.21st 2010
bought the book. thanks. agree with the commentors.
Wedding MC Joker
Sat, Jun.5th 2010
Jokes book did the trick. Agreed that some of the jokes are groaners but most weddings I've been to have some groaners jokes. When everyone is having a drink it won't matter. and everybody laughs at weddings so all good.
Book suggestion helpful
Fri, May.14th 2010
Hey the book you suggested here is helpful. Some of the jokes are corny but that's to be expected - lots to choose from.
Thu, Apr.29th 2010
This is my second time that I will be a wedding M.C. and frankly I'm dissapointed that it is naturally assumed that most M.C.'s are male when in fact, there are MANY M.C.s that are female. To say that most women aren't funny is ridiculous....I'm a crack-up! try to be informed. It's time we see some articles favouring a female M.C.
Wed, Mar.31st 2010
Thanks for the guide and hte jokes are quite funny. Mark from NZ
Sat, Mar.27th 2010
Thanks - there were enough jokes in the book for me to find enough material for my wedding mc routine.
Sat, Feb.20th 2010
good Weding mc jokes are not easy to come by. helpful book. and to the last commenter free material is bad.
Fri, Feb.19th 2010
Your Comments I was just asked to have to emcee which takes place in a week. I'm unemployed and have no money to buy the book. Where can I get "free" material on line so I can do a decent job. Can I "borrow" somebody's eBook or get some crucial tips/guidelines. Desperate... Thanks
Sun, Jan.31st 2010
Book was helpful and funny. Thanks guys.
Thu, Jan.7th 2010
Your Comments
Wed, Nov.4th 2009
Good selection of jokes in a pinche. Thanks.
Boston MC
Sun, Oct.4th 2009
Book is quite helpful. thanks.
Sat, Aug.8th 2009
johnskiiz and LB - get over yourselves, open your eyes, and welcome to the 21st century!
Mon, Aug.3rd 2009
get over the feminism
Mon, Jul.20th 2009
I am a female MC emceeing a wedding this Saturday and have found this site and the Canadians MC book very helpful, I just modified it to suit my needs and it still works!! Be creative ladies.
Joke book
Fri, Jul.3rd 2009
Thanks for the book it was helpful and funny.
Wed, Apr.29th 2009
sometimes it is difficult to mc a wedding of an African setting with both parties having different cultures. But generally a wedding should be full of music and dance and can dilute any lacking materials
Mon, Apr.13th 2009
I have to say I too am having difficulty finding info specifically for female MC's. Of course this site is call groom' groove so ... I would be great though if you could link to any good sites you might find? Thanks Cecilia
Wed, Feb.18th 2009
Your Comments What about Miss MCs??? This is my 4th wedding and I need some fresh stuff but all the sites have guy specific jokeS. What about us ladies??
Tue, Oct.21st 2008
this is great
MC Dude
Wed, Oct.1st 2008
One thing is for certain...if you paid 47 bucks for the other book out there you would be really disappointed. At least The Wedding MC Jokebook gives you what you need. It saved my a$$.
Wed, Sep.17th 2008
Gents - We receive some good, and some not so good comments on the Wedding MC Joke Book. Humor is subjective.
Tue, Sep.16th 2008
The book "Wedding MC Joke Book" not worth the paper its printed on - which I also paid for. MUG!!!
Fri, Aug.1st 2008
Actually that joke book is pretty good
Mon, Jul.14th 2008
Your Comments hahahahhahahaha, SJ is long gone, but the issue rides on!
Thu, Jul.3rd 2008
Do you honestly think that if the article made refrence to a woman, that a man would bitch about it? NO! I agree with JH.
Mon, Jun.23rd 2008
Most women aren't funny... besides don't be pissed because you weren't picked as the maid of honor or even invited. SUCK IT UP!
Wed, Feb.13th 2008
Your Comments
Thu, Jan.24th 2008
My friend told me The Wedding MC Jokebook was a great resource. Great humour and easy to use. He thought men might like the humor more than women - they get away with saying things that have more edge to them.
Wed, Jan.9th 2008
save the feminism lady no one was trying to offend you. and for the record, of the hundreds of weddings I've bartended for I'd say a good 90% of MCs are male so it's a fair assumption
Wed, Jan.9th 2008
SJ - That's a very valid comment. Thanks for it. We'll work on this.
Tue, Jan.8th 2008
As a female MC I have been quite surprised at the assumption that an MC is a guy in your articles. Hopefully there will be some other articles that make females more accepted.

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