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Two years ago, we hosted a marriage proposal story contest, sponsored by Gillette. We received over 1,400 marriage proposal stories.

We’ve figured out the secrets to an awesome marriage proposal, from those stories.

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marriage proposal tipsYou’re two minutes away from learning how to make a marriage proposal that will leave your girlfriend speechless. We’ve taught marriage proposals to thousands of guys since 2005. Even if you’re not the most romantic guy, you WILL make a marriage proposal that your girlfriend and future wife will totally love…and we’ll teach you how.

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You’re only going to propose once (hopefully!) so you may as well go out with a bang!


What’s in the Marriage Proposal Book:

  • A dozen, real-life marriage proposal stories from our database
  • The Gut Check. Are You Ready to Pop the Question?
  • Should You Ask “Permission” From Her Dad. Or Her Mom? Or Both?
  • Buying the Bling Bling
  • The 4 Cs – Cut, Color, Clarity and Carat size, and What’s the most important
  • How to Negotiate the Best Price for an Engagement Ring
  • Platinum, Yellow Gold and White Gold
  • Do You Need to Spend TWO MONTHS’ SALARY!!?!? (No, you don’t…)
  • What Actually Makes a Diamond Sparkle?
  • Where To Buy The Ring – Is Costco fair game?
  • Buying a Ring Online
  • Surprise her with a ring or just go shopping together?
  • Planning the Proposal Itself
  • Where and How to Do It
  • What To Say When You’re on One Knee
  • Marriage Proposal Mistakes and How to Avoid Them
  • Telling Your Friends and Family
  • Making A Public Announcement in the Newspaper
  • Two Marriage Proposal Stories that won $5,000 wedding rings and $1,000 cash
  • And there’s more!

Why should you listen to us? Well, first of all, because the book was written by the guys at GroomGroove, guys just like you. We’ve been there ourselves. One of us did an awesome marriage proposal – complete with helicopter ride over Central Park in New York and dinner at one of New York’s finest restaurants. Another guy kind of flubbed his marriage proposal, largely because he didn’t plan it. (Lesson learned!)  We run, the leading wedding website for the groom, best man and groomsmen. The site has been featured in The New York Times, on Fox News and on hundreds of websites. (In fact, 91,194 future grooms like you came to our site last month alone.) We’re damn confident that you’ll find our how-to make a marriage proposal book to be funny and useful. If you think it’s no good, you can get your money back. (Too easy, right? We don’t like wasting our money, either.)

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Our Marriage Proposal Book is Battle Tested!

The diamond buying guide in the book was excellent. I ended up proposing to my girlfriend courtesy of the Jumbotron at Skydome. ” – Ryan W., Toronto, Canada

I’m glad I got the book – otherwise I would have just proposed at a nice restaurant. She never saw it coming.” – Marc C., Modesto, California (His proposal was made with the help of 55 friends and a Broadway show…)

I wish my husband had used this book.” – Is that what your girlfriend/wife will say about YOU!? We hope not!

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Written by guys, for guys like you. (We’ve been there.)

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We’re so confident this marriage proposal guide is a time saver and guaranteed to make you look great, that if you try it out and you’re not satisfied, return it for a full refund within 60 days, no questions asked.

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proposing marriageHey – I’m Ryan, one of the writers of the marriage proposal book. I proposed to my girlfriend on a night that was a full moon, on a pier overlooking the Caribbean Sea, in Roatan, Honduras. (It ain’t easy getting a diamond engagement ring through the airport undetected by your girlfriend!). But back then, I had no trusted resource on making a marriage proposal, so I decided to write one. There is no one that has read more marriage proposal stories than me – 1,486 marriage proposal stories and counting, in fact. From all those stories, I’ve come up with tips to make your marriage proposal story rock. Trust me on this – click here to try out our marriage proposal book for only $14.95, NOW!. – Ryan, GroomGroove

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