Groom's Guide to the First Dance

If you're a groom getting married this summer, we're fairly certain that you can't dance, and probably haven't given much thought to the first dance. None of the guys at Groom Groove can dance, and none of the guys we know practice the fine art of the waltz. However, it's a wedding tradition that the groom and bride have the first dance at their wedding. In this article, grooms can learn where and how to quickly learn how to dance before wedding day, even if that wedding is only a couple of weeks away. (It makes for a great pre-wedding date). Read up, fearless groom! You don't want to be caught flat footed.

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Groom's Corner

Groom Duties

what are the groom's duties?

If you're a groom getting married in 2011, check out this article about your responsibilities leading up to wedding day. The groom has to do more than make a marriage proposal, but fortunately some of the wedding planning is a blast. This article and the video inside cover all the bases.

Best Man's Duties

Changing groomsmen is not easy

If you're a groom, read up on the best man's responsibilities. If you're a best man, read up on planning an awesome bachelor party and everything else you're in charge of (and how much it'll cost you!)

Wedding Receptions Rock

grooms get to sit on the beach and enjoy the honeymoon with their brides

There's only a few things that you'll need to know about hosting a wedding reception, and yes, the groom is just as much a host as his bride. Plan a bit and you'll have a blast at your wedding reception.