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white gold wedding rings [Page 1 of 1]

White gold is a very popular choice for your wedding ring. It's cheaper than platinum and almost as exotic looking. White gold wedding bands represent something different than yellow gold. GroomGroove.com digs for gold and uncovers the advantages and drawbacks of white gold wedding bands.

White Gold Wedding Bands

The words white gold are frequently confusing to many grooms, who may be under the incorrect assumption that white gold is somehow less "gold" or less valuable than its yellow gold counterpart. But white gold is the same purity as yellow gold, usually coming in at 18 karat gold, or approximately 25% gold. White gold ranges in appearance anywhere from pale to silver and white gold wedding bands are silvery because the elemental gold is alloyed with a blend of silver and palladium for strength and color. (Chemistry 101, anyone?) Today, many white gold wedding rings are also coated with rhodium for extra brilliance.

Advantages of White Gold Wedding Bands

When it comes to white gold wedding bands, price is a significant advantage. A recent survey of prices indicates that white gold is less expensive than platinum. For example, a 3mm wide platinum band was selling at $400 at a leading online retailer whereas a 4mm white gold band of similar style was $300. On the upper end, 6mm 18k wedding bands at a leading brick-and-mortar jewelry retailer cost around $1000.

Drawbacks of White Gold Wedding Bands

Unfortunately, white gold has a tendency to yellow over time, showing its elemental color. There is a solution having the wedding band plated and polished to its original luster. (But who wants to do that?) Grooms may just want to purchase one piece of jewelry, wear it forever and never have to worry about it. White gold fulfils that role for the most part, but not quite as well as platinum. Buyer beware.

Learn more about men's wedding rings from GroomGroove.com:

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Your Comments
Chad K
Tue, Nov.3rd 2009
I hear that many of the white gold rings are made with Rhodium which tends to 'tarnish' over time. I went with tungsten because it will never lose its luster and shine. It also is extremely durable and looks nice and masculine yet still fashionable. check out www.tungstenworld.com where I got mine! Tell em I sent ya, ask for Brett he took good care of me.
Fri, Feb.13th 2009
Your Comments i want 2 check out some of ur wedding rings
The Fashion Blog
Sun, Jan.18th 2009
White gold is not only cheaper than platinum, but also much more beautiful. While purchasing gold wedding bands be aware not to turn to second hand ones, as they accumulate some positive or negative energy.
Fri, Jan.2nd 2009
Think The author meant 75% gold, not 25% :D

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