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wedding day itinerary for the groom

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wedding day itinerary for the groom [Page 1 of 3]

Wedding Day. All the hard work you and your bride have done culminating into the fabled 'Big Day'. The wait is over, and though you may have attended other weddings, how closely did you pay attention? GroomGroove.com has a step-by-step breakdown of how the day of your wedding could unfold.   We've compiled the chronological list with some commentary - and of course, your wedding could be completely different.

The day before - Relax, Rehearsal and Rehearsal Dinner

Relax - All Day

Shorts, flip flops, summertime. It's a beautiful summer day, and your family and friends are all arriving in town for your wedding. You can bet that you won't have much time to take it all in or to have quality conversations with everyone, but you should try hard. Because your bachelor party will not be held tonight (and don't think otherwise!), take this day to relax as much as possible. You'll find that wedding day itself will be a whirlwind of activity.

The Wedding Rehearsal - About one hour

In the early afternoon or evening, you are likely to have a rehearsal of the wedding ceremony itself with the officiant at the site of your wedding. This will significantly calm your nerves (or give you a case of the nerves if you didn't already have them) and the nerves of anyone that is called upon to read (or sing) during a religious ceremony. "When exactly do I sit down?" you will ask. The rehearsal will answer all of that. And if you have any doubts about any part of the ceremony, now is the time to ask.

The Rehearsal Dinner - About two hours

After the rehearsal, you will likely proceed to a rehearsal dinner. This can be as informal as Subway sandwiches, a backyard barbecue or as formal as a sit-down meal at a nice restaurant. Typically, your parents, your fiancée's parents, and the wedding party are invited. Some couples will also include close friends, additional family and out-of-town guests, but who ultimately attends is up to you. One of the great things about the rehearsal dinner is that is gives you the time to hang out with friends and family that you might not see that often. And by the way - it's typically the groom and his family that are tasked with planning wedding day.

Last Minute Jitters

- About 5 minutes at some point, probably at least once. It's ok. It's not a sign that you don't know what you're getting yourself into, but a sign that this is an infinitely more important contract than, say, signing up for a cell phone, and you're taking the commitment seriously. Your bride may be having last minute jitters as well. Take a big deep breath, and practice your wedding speech instead of worrying!

Wedding Speech Prep

- About 20 minutes at some point, hopefully at least twice. Read this article by clicking the link to learn more about your wedding speech .

Restless sleep - About 4.5 hours of it

Count on it.

The Day Of

Prep Time - About 2 hours in the morning

Your day will start with a rotten sleep the night before, because you'll be very nervous and possibly excited about what the day will bring. Start your day with breakfast and invite the groomsmen, best man and your dad to join you with room service at your hotel or at a breakfast joint. Now is the time to relax before things really get rolling. Don't throw on the tuxedo, then have breakfast. Maximize your time in jeans and flip flops. article continues...
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Chris McCafferty
Thu, Dec.8th 2011
Yep, the wedding day itself is always manic - even with good friends doing most of the organising for you - but it should also be enjoyable - And a rehearsal the day before is a good way of preparing your brain for what's to come. Thanks, Chris
The John M. Ashworth Jr.
Thu, Nov.10th 2011
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Thanks Man...this will be a big help. :)
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Mon, Aug.2nd 2010
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Tue, May.4th 2010
Oh, and AJ nice contribution. The Mendelsohn and Wagner songs are not only completely different in style and tune, you might have a very angry bride if those got confused ;)
Tue, May.4th 2010
I have just sent this site to my sister's fiance and his brother, who is the best man. Now I only wish y'all would do one for a MOH who has never been a part of a wedding! You are right though--the most important part of all of this is the celebration of the bride and grooms commitments to each other. Emphasis on celebration!!!!!! Nice job you guys.
Sat, Feb.27th 2010
Who cares if there are mistakes they are helping all of us out by putting up a website with all this great info. Stay on the chat forums LOSER
Anna Amar
Fri, Jan.8th 2010
thanks a million for this article. will forward ti immediatelly to my fiance. i hope i ahvnt made any errors here. but hey even if i have, who cares???? i am too happy to be getting married soon to be worrying over typos and that. my fiance will appreciate this. he's been so clueless. thanks.
Fri, Sep.11th 2009
My fiance doesn't know much about weddings, he has only ever been to 2. This information is great it will help him feel so much better! I love this website! Thanks!
Sun, Sep.6th 2009
I wish they had a similar website in Australia! Will definately be sending this link to my fiance. He'll need something like this to get him organised on the day!
Mon, Feb.23rd 2009
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Thanks for catching that, AJ! We've definitely got some well-rounded readers. We always appreciate your input and insight.
Thu, Feb.7th 2008
There is an error in this article. You speak of the "here comes the bride music" and state that it is called Wedding March by Felix Mendelsohn. As someone with a degree in music, I can tell you taht the traditional processional ("Here comes the bride") was written by Richard Wagner. Mendelsohn is the composer of the traditional recessional.

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