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Groomsmen Gift Ideas [Page 1 of 3]

While you've been busy helping your fiancée pick out invitations, reception music and seating charts, your groomsmen have been getting fitted for tuxedos, writing speeches and planning a bachelor party. To show your groomsmen how much you appreciate their help (and friendship), it's customary to give each of them a gift. Luckily for you, we've compiled a list of gift suggestions that's guaranteed to help you find the perfect gift for men

How much to spend

While the answer on how much to spend depends largely on your budget, generally a minimum of $30 per groomsman is appropriate, with potentially something extra for the best man. That said, $30 is a minimum, and you're likely to spend a bit more. "While my fiancée thought $40 pens were a nice touch," notes recent groom Craig Wright, 29 from Toronto, Ontario, "my gut told me that I was being a bit cheap. The pens were great, but we should have done better." GroomGroove.com firmly believes it's better to err on the side of caution and spend a bit more. These are your best buddies, after all, and you probably haven't bought them a "serious" gift, ever. Now's your chance to say thanks.

For all your men's gift needs

Owen & Fred is an online retailer that will stock several excellent men's gifts and groomsmen gifts, at prices ranging from $15 to $300. The site offers really great, made-in-the-USA leather wallets, colognes, cufflinks. In other words - solidly-made, long lasting goods that guys will love, unlike the engraved flasks and other products you find elsewhere on the web.

Ready to wear

A popular idea for some grooms is to buy a clothing accessory that matches the tuxedo that will be worn on the wedding day. All of the following options are great not only because they can be used more than once, but also because it ensures your buddies will look almost as good as you do on the big day.

Cuff links : Whether your buddy is a Dapper Dan or not, every guy needs a pair of cuff links for those special occasions. These days, cufflinks come in colors and designs. The cufflinks pictured here, for example, are game-used baseball cufflinks, available from every team in the league. There are also Lego Cufflinks, Buffalo Nickel Cufflinks, and even vintage typewriter key cufflinks! game-used baseball cufflinks

Dress Shirt: If you are renting tuxedos, there is no reason to wear the hyper-starched and 20% cotton shirt that is provided in the package. Additionally, you could simply present a well-made dress shirt as the gift itself. Ask the guys for their (predicted) measurements and get them a nice dress shirt. It need not necessarily be a tuxedo shirt (so long as vests are worn). For long lasting quality, have bespoke shirts made through Michael Andrews Bespoke. Many shirt makers have easy-to-follow guides that describe how to take the necessary measurements. "The measuring process is easier than most people think," reports Michael Mantegna, CEO of Michael Andrews Bespoke, "and nothing compares to the look and feel of a well-crafted custom shirt."

Wristwatch : There's nothing more functional than a time piece that gets them to the church on time. You are likely to spend at least $100 to $150 on such a watch, but it will be useful for them. Avoid having it engraved - just a nice watch will do. If your groomsmen already have wristwatches or have more expensive tastes, read on.

Executive Pen: While you don't need to shell out for a Montblanc, you can purchase well-crafted men's pens made in the United States at Owen & Fred, or from from New York pen retailer, Joon Pens, without breaking the bank. Look for Pelikan or Lamy. These need not be fountain pens (which are nice, but often impractical) but can be rollerball pens. Anyone will tell you a fancy pen is better than those 10 cent ballpoints the office provides.

Engraved Money Clip: Nobody likes losing money, nor carrying around a man-purse. This is a perfect alternative to more expensive items.

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B Money
Thu, Jan.9th 2014
Kevin, you're an idiot. Anyone foolish enough to spend that kind of coin on groomsmen gifts apparently has a money tree. There is NO reason to spend anywhere near that. And as has been already stated, it isn't about the gift anyway.
Tue, May.7th 2013
I'm thinking about buying watches for my 4 groomsmen. Should I buy 4 of the same one or pick 4 different or just let them pick from a price point?
Sat, Oct.13th 2012
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Thu, Oct.11th 2012
MQFBUH , [url=http://cjmxiuqfzfbl.com/]cjmxiuqfzfbl[/url], [link=http://xjcsqcxanenl.com/]xjcsqcxanenl[/link], http://esmzisqvntti.com/
Wed, Oct.10th 2012
- I've been waiting to see these since I heard you were doing their weiddng! Sean and Laura look stunning and I'm so so happy for them both! You did a great job, Heidi!October 14, 2010 7:31 pm
Tue, Sep.27th 2011
Right on-this hepled me sort things right out.
Fri, Jun.3rd 2011
A custom made shirt for your groomsmen is the way to go! J. Hilburn has custom made shirts that are a great way to say thanks. My husband received one and it has his initials embroidered on it. It was a nice touch and he finally has a shirt that fits him right.
Wed, Mar.23rd 2011
Wow some of you guy have to much money.Mine sending some my way.
Sat, Nov.27th 2010
Anyone have good websites to look at for groomsmen gifts? I like the site www.groomstars.com which has a good selection form $50+ and most can be personalized. The gifts look like they are of high quality. Before I pull the trigger anyone have any good sites for me?
Tue, Oct.19th 2010
Kevin, your a douchebag, I'm paying for my wedding and $1000 is a huge price to pay just for the best man, hows that silver spoon?
Fri, Oct.1st 2010
all thought cufflinks and putters or flaks are great ideas and where my first choices. i ended up going with a nixon watches $180 ea. and a bottle of american honey whiskey...$35 ea. they were looking good on the wedding day and had a good night before the wedding with the whiskey....idk....watches are always a good idea or alcoholic beverages
Mon, Sep.20th 2010
Been trying to figure out what purchase for the lads and finally decided to go with Scottish Dirks....(short knives). If your having a Scottish themed wedding the dirks fit in well with the overall theme. Found some good ones for between 56 and 74 dollars.
Wed, May.5th 2010
To the poster who wrote: "The gifts are not what is inportant!" I say "spelling must not be important either!"
Sat, May.1st 2010
Three guys who love football. Not the outdoors guys, and not drinkers. Love gadgets. Any ideas?
Mon, Apr.26th 2010
I got all of my guys personalized bottles of Makers Mark, along with a pair of engraved double old-fashioned glasses with their monogram.. I think they will like the gift a lot.
john love
Mon, Apr.26th 2010
i got all my groomsmen a new cadi only 84575 each
wedding registry
Thu, Apr.15th 2010
My husband got his groomsmen engraved cuff links. They looked amazing and the guys really liked them! -Kelly agreataffair.com
Tue, Mar.23rd 2010
not reallly helpful
Mon, Mar.22nd 2010
I have my budget figured out and doing personalized flask sets for each of my 6 groomsmen. They're 65 a piece which I think is reasonable without being cheap. I was also going to do a small bottle of Jack for each of them. My problem is what is appropriate for the best man. I'm assuming I should, and I want to do something extra for him but I'm not sure what is overboard and what is lame. Any ideas?
Thu, Feb.25th 2010
I found Scotty Cameron putters for around $100/each - '09 model but I think the guys will like them...they all golf, some better than other, I also got monogrammed golf balls $20/dozen...or do I go with a driver that received so-so reviews??
Thu, Feb.25th 2010
i wanted to do something fun for them so I got caricatures from giveacaricature.com of me and all the guys. we all are big baseball fans so i put us on a baseball field and included some inside jokes for the guys. i think its a cool idea but kinda expensive
Sun, Feb.21st 2010
i got all the male members of my wedding party a pair of wedding cufflinks from http://www.groomsstand.com/
Thu, Feb.18th 2010
not alot of ideas here but I have a bestman that quit smoking, doesn't drink, isn't out doors kinda guy and just likes to stay home and take care of his family. Unique gift idea was a personalized bbq searer - about $40-60 with shipping. FYI
Tue, Feb.16th 2010
Your Comments you people are out of control....
Wed, Jan.27th 2010
I have been in several weddings and I would say that the bride has usually spent around $25-$30 on our gifts. It depends on the budget of your wedding. Your attendants should be honored to be a pat of your day, the gift is not to "pay them back" for what they've spent, it's just to show that you appreciate them. If you are paying for your own wedding and having to cut out things like extra decorations or the cake then spending $100 on each attendant (for us that would be over $1000!!!... more than my wedding dress!) is pretty impossible. Those of you calling the others cheap must not be footing the bill for the wedding!
Sun, Jan.17th 2010
i got all the male members of my wedding party a pair of wedding cufflinks from http://www.weddingcufflinks.net
Wed, Jan.13th 2010
I went with custom oakley sunglasses. You can get there name or nickname scripted on the lens and pick whatever colour and lens you want as well. Perfect for our beach wedding. Cost anywhere from $150-$550.
Sat, Jan.2nd 2010
You guys are cheap sons of a bitches...This is the most important day of your LIFE...most likely. You have these guys standing next to you to show what they mean to you. How can you put a dollar amount on them. On the lower end $100 is sufficient...If $$ is NOT a huge problem a the time, I would say $500 a piece. Or adjust accordingly: $800-$1000 should be the max for gifts for the BEST males in your life!
groom again
Tue, Dec.29th 2009
i forgot about the groomsmen gifts, and so we bought 4 of them at the last minute, ended up costing $400 and messed up our budget. Wife to blame!! :)
Tue, Jul.28th 2009
All I know is, My wedding is about %98 up to my bride.(minus the bill) Doing something extra cool for the boys is necessary. Maybe spend as much as it took for them to rent a tux.
Sun, Jun.28th 2009
My financee got Yankee Stadium Cufflinks as gifts for his best man from www.groomsmengift.com - a bit pricey, but I think they make unique best man gifts
Sun, Jun.28th 2009
I spent about $430 on gifts from groomsmen.com and the guys loved the pub signs. I'm still on the lookout for something cool for a gift for the best man...the hunt continuess....
Chris N
Tue, Jun.23rd 2009
British Bill is a Wank! This site is excellent! Thanks and keep up the good work.
Mon, May.4th 2009
I ended up making my groomsmen all cornhole sets, and painted personalized things on them. They all like them and the plus is wherever I go know I can have a cold brew and play some bags.
british bill
Sat, Mar.14th 2009
what s sh1t site. about as much use as t1ts on a fish. f*cking bobbins
Sun, Mar.1st 2009
I'm a female best 'person' for my parents next month and i have to say that i think everyone has lost sight of what a wedding is! Surely, it is about the two people getting married and not about what everyone else is going to recieve! I personally don't expect to gain anything from the groom, and if your groomsmen are as good friends as everyone seems to mention, then it should be an honour for them to be asked to stand next to their mate on the most important day of their lives. A token of appreciation for thier support shouldn't cost a fortune if you know them well enough, and if you're paniking about how much to spend and what to buythen maybe you aren't doing it for the right reasons.
Fri, Jan.16th 2009
shit web site
Thu, Jan.8th 2009
I haven't read all of these so I am not sure it was said yet. I got my groomsmen engraved pocket knives. Each knife was about $25. They seemes to enjoy them as they are almost all outdoors guys. I also got them their favorite 6 pack to go with that! It showed that I really knew them and their tastes!
Tue, Nov.25th 2008
Your Comments
Tue, Oct.14th 2008
dear annoyed - there are about 3 pages of gift ideas.
Thu, Oct.2nd 2008
Is it just me, or would most people actually expect to find a list of common gifts for the groomsmen, best man, and bride posted here. Not just somebody telling you that you should buy them gifts. This isn't very helpful at all, especially if you are looking for ideaS for more traditional gifts.
This guy
Fri, Jul.18th 2008
Dude, it's your own wedding. I know there are tons of other expenses but they are your closest friends to watch out for you. Spend anything you can. I am takin each of my four groomsman skydiving!!!
Thu, Jun.19th 2008
Your Comments your best bet is to find a way to make some more money. start gambling excessively and come up with some cash for gifts. thats what I did. I stole the get wet girls dollar bills. I had them turn the lights off when they were dancing and sent my 5 year old cousin around collecting tips. little did they know the tips went to me.....
Tue, May.20th 2008
to 'don't' I think your loseing sight of what the day is about, they are your best friends witnessing one of the most important steps of your life..they are not just "standing up there"
Fri, Mar.28th 2008
Don't forget guys it's the thought that counts! Is is not a contest on how is spent on the gift.
Sat, Jan.19th 2008
I also see that the same site has a link to www.giveashare.com, which is the stock idea that Ron mentioned - might be a little less pricey than the caricature idea.
Sat, Jan.19th 2008
Has any one used www.giveacaricature.com for their groomsman gifts? Seems like a great idea, but maybe a little pricey?
Fri, Jan.4th 2008
Being a Best Man twice, I've gotten one kick arse gift and one that was practical. The one that was kick arse was a stainless steel flask with my name engraved. Funny thing was, we had gotten the groom a flask of his own for before the wedding. The practical gift was a gift card to Wawa (convience stores) bought me pleanty of coffee in the morning which also worked.
Thu, Dec.27th 2007
I took a tip from a friend and went with monogrammed embroidered Cooler Chairs. Down here in New Orleans, it's a perfect compliment to JazzFest, tailgating, fishing, etc.... and not to plug, but mygroomsmengifts.com had them to me in less than a week!
Sat, Dec.22nd 2007
The gifts are not what is inportant!
Fri, Nov.16th 2007
Andrew I think you gotta get gifts for all of them but man that's a whole lot of people
Thu, Nov.15th 2007
Here's a tricky one: There will be six guys on my side of the aisle, but one of them is my fiancee's friend. Also, my two sisters are bridesmaids. Do I have to get gifts for them? And what about the groomsman who's not my friend? And, for the love of God, how much do I spend on all of them? $500 is mighty steep, or $700 if you count my sisters- $800 if I'm to spend the same on her friend.
Wed, Nov.14th 2007
One of my buddies did custom made glass beer steins. I thought it was thoughtful AND useful.
Tue, Nov.13th 2007
As a guy who's going to be graduating from college very shortly before being married, spending $100 on a gift for my groomsmen is just not practical right now. I'd love to do it, but I'd like to see some creative gift ideas around $50...now there's a challenge! If you have the money, these ideas are pretty nice.
Mon, Nov.12th 2007
The most original gift is definitely the stock idea.
Thu, Jun.28th 2007
to the last poster - dude they are doing more than standing up there - they've been your buddies for years! Nobody said you needed to have 5 groomsmen. adjust as necessary.
Sat, May.26th 2007
$100 is steep. $500 dollars on gifts for 5 guys. Thats a lot. Especially when some are not really doing anything but standing up there.

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