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Groom Speech Survival Guide

groom wedding speech
Get our Groom wedding speech e-book, now!
Wedding speeches will be a central part of your reception. If you have been asked to make a speech, and don't know where to start, then this groom wedding speech survival guide is for you!

The Groom's Wedding Speech Can Be Nerve-Wracking

The groom's wedding speech is a big deal and definitely nerve-wracking for any groom who dreads public speaking - and that's basically most guys. In fact, many grooms are shocked to learn that as part of 'the whole wedding thing', they are required to rent or buy tuxedos, pick out groomsmen gifts, and make a wedding speech. Many don't prepare, or don't really know where to start, and thus there are plenty of stories of grooms embarrassing themselves in front of family, friends and fathers-in-law. You know the feeling we're talking about: Sweaty palms, turning red in the face because EVERYONE is looking at you, and a heart that is practically going to JUMP RIGHT OUT OF YOUR CHEST!

Well the good news is that you landed here! The guys at GroomGroove have been in your rental tuxedo shoes before. We've thought long and hard about how grooms can make a wedding speech that will not only allow them to get off the podium alive, but make a great speech that will impress their awesome bride. We've done that with our helpful resource, the Guide to the Groom Wedding Speech.

5 Things To Help You Make a Better Groom's Speech:

  • First, Practice, Practice, Practice is the name of the game. Just 5 times before you actually deliver the speech will give you the wedding speech-equivalent of muscle memory.
  • Outline - just outline! - a wedding speech that has a beginning, middle and end. And if that sounds a bit like a middle school essay: That's because it is. (More on what you should actually say in your wedding speech is found in our instant-download Groom Wedding Speech book).
  • Breathe, man! As your walking up to the podium, take a big deep breath. Just before you begin to speak, take another. It will get your racing heart under control.
  • Your groom wedding speech is only a couple of minutes long, and you aren't expected to be the next Jerry Seinfeld.The objective of your speech is different that your best man's speech.
  • Imagine that everyone in the audience is naked. Just kidding. The guys at GroomGroove can't imagine how that would make you more at ease, or where that ridiculous idea came from. More importantly, look up from your notes. Don't look the audience members in the eyes as that will make you nervous. Look through the audience members, not focusing on any one person.
  • Your speech will end with a toast to the bride. The groom's wedding toast is not as difficult as it might seem. Your wedding speech is not the time to pull out Shakespeare. With your wedding toast, be - and sound like - yourself.
  • Finally, the biggest suggestion we can make - other than by picking up our super-inexpensive, funny and awesome guide the groom's wedding speech - is to either write out your speech long-hand, or prepare bullet points. But never, ever, Off-the-Cuff.
These tips are just the tip of the iceberg on making a successful groom wedding speech. And, will definitely increase your chances of making a decent speech by 50%. Get our sweet little e-book, learn how to put it all together, and what to actually cover in your wedding speech, and things to avoid and you'll rock the grooms wedding speech!.

Our groom wedding speech book is a survival guide that will: (1) give you the tools you need to brainstorm, outline and present a great speech, (2) cover some Dos and Don'ts, and (3) provide all-important instructions on how to fight a case of nerves. And a lot more.

Watch the video

This video will give you a ton of tips, really quick. Watch it, and keep reading.

P.S. Click here now to check out our awesome Guide to the Groom's Wedding Speech.

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Here's NOT how to give a best man's speech: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dSFRizOOVZs&feature=related
Great ebook
Thu, Jul.15th 2010
Thanks for the book - really came in handy as my wedding is Saturday!!!
Wed, Jun.23rd 2010
Really appreciated the clear outline in the book - the article here is a good start but the book finishes off the job.
Tue, Jun.22nd 2010
Very much appreciated the book. Outline was soooo easy. Thanks guys.
Wed, Mar.10th 2010
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Mon, Dec.7th 2009
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Johnny Knotvillle
Mon, Nov.30th 2009
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Fri, Oct.17th 2008
And to think the day as ticking down very quickly, oh shit its today!!! But found this site a while back and been a great help!!!
Sun, Feb.10th 2008
I feel a lot better now. Good looking out!
June Groom
Mon, Dec.24th 2007
Speeches are not my thing and I appreciate this. Kudos, I am feeling better already!
Thu, Apr.12th 2007
Hank - there's some great wedding speech videos in the "toasts" article in this section. Check out the second video - great speech. GroomGroove.com
Thu, Mar.15th 2007
I'd love to see a bad wedding speech video here...Man I've seen some bad ones. I will avoid it. :) H.
Thu, Mar.15th 2007

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