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Sex after Marriage

As attracted as you are to your new wife, maintaining a mutually satisfying sex life post-cohabitation can prove a challenge. Sex every Sunday night at 6pm? Forget it. If you fall into a routine, things can stagnate quickly, so make an effort to vary the time, place and approach. Keep it fresh. Have you asked her what she really wants? If she says "No, things are great!" that's your cue to ask her: "How so?". Probe. If what she really wants is for you to tie her to the bed, but she's too shy to tell you, you've got a problem. Don't expect her to be a mind reader. If you have an idea of something that really excites you, tell her about it. Making your fantasies known will also be an open invitation for her to do the same. Post-wedding and especially post-honeymoon is the perfect time to recharge. It's easy to keep things spicy on your honeymoon in Aruba. Tuesday night in Scranton is going to take more effort.


Keeping physically fit is essential to a happy marriage if only because you want to continue to be physically attractive. Exercising regularly also increases stamina in the sack. Don't let yourself go just because you've "sealed the deal" - and the same goes for your wife. Attractiveness also means dressing well and losing your gut so you can be a person she's proud to have holding her hand. Groom your nose hair in the bathroom.


Didn't we already cover attractiveness? Yes, but attractiveness and attraction are two very different concepts. Attractiveness explains why David Beckham and Uma Thurman didn't have a problem finding dates. Attraction explains why that short, ugly, bald guy has the supermodel around his arm. In the case of Beckham and Thurman, they are beautiful people. In the case of the short guy, he may offer stability, be incredibly funny, or have a great sense of adventure. What is it about you that your bride and wife was and is attracted to? You can't allow yourself to lose sight of that. Whatever it was and hopefully is, foster it. It's really your golden ticket to a long-lasting marriage.

Are we boring now that we're married?

Even though the core of your relationship won't change, will other people treat you differently? Will marriage kill your "cool factor" among your single friends? For the most part, the answer is no. However, those same friends may come to view the two of you as a package -- an invite to anything from a dinner to a ballgame must include both husband and wife. That notion -- right or wrong -- may dissuade them from including you in certain events, but don't let this discourage you. If married life includes occasional time apart to establish your individual interests and friendships, your street cred will be restored in no time. This is something you should initiate if it isn't falling in your lap. Make the calls yourself. Make time for your friends on a regular basis and they won't feel they've lost you to the abyss of married life. Time apart as a couple will also make you appreciate each other more when you are together. No, married life doesn't have to be a bore, and anyone who tells you it does hasn't lifted a finger to try and stop it from becoming so. If you know this ahead of time, you can make the transition smoothly, assess what could be changed for the better, and focus on maintaining the things that brought you and your bride together in the first place. Boring won't even be in your vocabulary.

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Fri, Jan.28th 2011
I've married for 17 years. Our sex life began to stagnate after the honeymoon. We literally went from having sex every day to once a month for the next few years. I realized however that my dissatisfaction came from my intense desire for anal sex. So I bought myself a strap on and had a little talk with my husband. We realized we both really enjoy it when I do him up the rear end and ever since our sex life has been incredible!
umm, that is not a bad thing
Sat, Oct.23rd 2010
"rather than allowing yourself to get bogged down in the negative ones. (The fact that you always leave a mess behind, or that you've now become even more intimately familiar with her monthly cycle.)" What is wrong with becoming more intimately familiar with her monthly cycle? Are you not a grown man? If a man cannot handle knowing such details, he should be with another man, not a woman! If he can't handle knowing about her period, how will he handle seeing her give birth in the delivery room, or breastfeeding, or other not-so-sexy events? Grow a pair--of ovaries!!!!!! Men need to dispel themselves of negative connations associated with women's bodily functions--we give live, we nurture life, and do a hell of a lot of things with our bodies that need to be held in high esteem, not ridiculed our clouded in mystery. We are all adults, but unfortunately since we are live in such a hypocritical and puritanical society, grown men cannot fathom living with a woman's NORMAL bodily functions every month, but they can watch the most crude acts on their tv and computer screens. SMH......
Mrs Bryant
Sun, Sep.12th 2010
Money is the root of all evil. I willingly had a cheap wedding... Me & my husband wnt 2 the justice of the piece. He is a jehova's witness & he had been disfellowshiped. Plus i was not a member of the religion so his church wld not marry us. Not many women agree 2 the cheap wedding deal. Hell my wedding dress coast me $30 at berlingtons!!!!! Our family's where there & we had a reception at coplands & everything which my mother did her part & paid 4. So all i asked since i didn't get my dream wedding was a honeymoon cruise. My husband is a LPN so he makes enough money & we planned it months in advance so we paid the cheapest rate. So bc of ths he feels the need 2 wrk 160 hrs a pay period!!!!!!! WTF???!!!!! So i might as well stayed single! i didn't get married 4 my husband 2 never be hm (and when he is he is tired and asleep) & always at wrk. Money is our main problem. I knw he is faithful he & he knows i am. Whn your married it's another set of challenges & different problems. People get married thinkin after tht it's all hunky dory (happy ever after) but it's jst the start of different challenges to come. Whn you've found a faithful spouse who has a career & the mind set your lookin 4 you don't realize in marriage it's all the little things tht matter. You may think @ the time of the down on bended knee (oh i can over look this or that) like the little things don't matter bc he/she is the best you ever had & your worried you won't find anyone as good or better then later you realize dang..... If he/she does this one more time i'm gonna go crazy.... You have to have the TRUE mind set... Yes things will go wrong and we will at times let each other down but i truly love this person for who they are and they are worth the pissin me off times. Also know when to let the other person win (choose your battles). You just have to know what is exceptable and what's not. It's never ok to take a man or women hitting you, cheating on you or downing you. Be strong and know that your worth much more and lean on friends & fam for emotional support. Life is too short to love/be with someone who makes you sad all the time. I'd rather be a hoe then an unhappy women stuck on a bumb, broke, or abusive man that depresses me all the time.
soon to be married
Wed, Aug.11th 2010
Its amazing how divorce rates were almost non-existant when a woman knew her place in the relationship. The mans job is to be the provider for the family and the womans job is to take care of the house on the inside, the kids, and to cook. I agree that the man should not make a mess. He should have his shoes removed when he arrives home, dinner should be cooked, and after dinner, his spouse should wash the dishes, therefor there would be no oppurtunity for him to make a mess. If I am providing financial support for an entire family then is it really to much to ask to keep the house clean, cook dinner, and raise the kids?
soon to be married to "soon t
Wed, Aug.11th 2010
You are full of shit "soon to be married"
soon to be married
Wed, Aug.11th 2010
Depressing.......I have always and will always run the show, and she is fully aware of that. I let her have the little battles but ultimately the final decision is mine.
Thu, Jul.1st 2010
I think everyone has a good point only the person that has written this article is right. From a girls perspective most guys do not think about this at all and they continue being who they are after marriage if not worse- only from what I have seen- until the woman gets fed up and leaves for someone who will at least compromise for her because guys you forget women cant stand messy men, guys who do w/e they please and do not consult her (communications) or guys that do not put her or the kids first...everything else we mostly compromise because we love the other greatly and do not wish to loose them over such simple matters. Also you can be yourself but change a little because not all women will put up with stuff and some guys really want to be with "that one" so how else do you feel like your going to get to that one and keep her if u do not change a little"...think about it.
married also
Sun, Aug.30th 2009
Yes you are right the bliss of marriage is over honesty is very important but so is forgiveness and to be successful you must not be selfish if you look for your partners intrest first you will be happy and although most people have lived together there are still some wholsome people out there who have not.
Mon, Oct.6th 2008
I think this artical is very steryotypical. In fact, the most important factors are not even included in this. The key to holding a decent marriage is honesty, if your not, then it's a done deal. What most people worry about is the money and the sex but thats not the real problem most couples face. Even if you check the charts and the articles in magazines, do you really think if someone lied in their relationship their going to publicly announce it?? No, their not but most people put off an impression in the begining that they are someone who they are not to further the relationship and thats the real problem. If you are yourself on the first date and so forth you dont have to worry about the sex and money later on. You will already know whats going to happen because you were honest in the begining.

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