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buying the groom's wedding ring [Page 2 of 2]

When to Buy the Wedding Band

Generally, a groom will buy his bride's diamond engagement ring separate from the wedding bands, as the bride and groom each have wedding bands, and may want to choreograph the look of their rings with matching wedding bands. Accordingly, the wedding bands should be purchased two months before the wedding (at the latest). This will allow for time to get it sized properly, and make any adjustments.

Ring Measurements

The diameter of the ring will be measured either by your jeweler, or if you are buying wedding rings online, all reputable online retailers have suggested wedding ring size guides that you can print out. And even if you are buying your ring online, jewelry stores will happily fit you for your ring (as they try to sell you on their product!)

Working Out

A note - men should take their ring off and put it in a safe place (and the same place) when going to the gym to work out. This is because dumbbells and barbells can easily scratch or dent ring materials. Don't leave it in the locker, but rather, put it in your bag. Countless husbands have had to admit to their wives that they lost their 18k white gold wedding ring at the gym.

Playing with Your Ring

One of the first things a groom will do upon wearing his ring for the first time as a husband, and not a groom, will be to play with it. Twisting it on his finger, many a groom will twist and turn at the ring when nervous, such as when the groom makes his wedding speech.

Your wedding band will be a constant reminder of your wife and the commitment you've made. Perhaps it's a reminder that you haven't bought flowers recently. Or that you should tell her that you love her everyday. Whatever it signifies to you, take some time to pick out a man's wedding ring you will be happy to wear.

Learn more about men's wedding rings from GroomGroove.com:

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Cool to see that a few other guys got their rings at TungstenWorld.com, I was considering them for my tungsten wedding band. It's nice to know there are guys out there that like their rings.
Tue, Nov.22nd 2011
Just so you're aware, it's completely false that you have to cut someone's finger off to removal a tungsten ring in an emergency. You simply crush/crack the ring using mole grips, a vice or similar.
Sat, Sep.24th 2011
Always a good job right here. Keep rloling on through.
Mill roberts
Tue, Mar.29th 2011
I just bought a Tungsten ring from a reputable dealer, but the inside stamp says tungsten and china. Is this right?
Tue, Oct.12th 2010
I was going to go with Palladium till I came across Cobalt. GUYS! Seriously, look into Cobalt! Nearly indestructable, not brittle, and much cooler than common tool metal. Some sweet styles.
Happy Groom
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Fri, Nov.20th 2009
Tungsten rings can be cut with jeweler's saws which emergency rooms have. You do not need to cut your finger off. It's pretty easy to confirm this. Jewelers will tell you what they need to steer you towards high margin products.
Happy Groom
Tue, Nov.3rd 2009
James, This might be a little late but yes you can get tungsten rings in half sizes, I got mine in 10 1/2 from www.tungstenworld.com. I love it, it fits my style perfectly and was affordable. Ironically, I just saw that they have a banner ad on this site too. Check them out they treated us very well.
Tue, Oct.20th 2009
I wish more guides would include purty pictures like this one. :) Seriously though, it helps being able to see what the wear and tear will actually look like. The tungsten ring looks like itís really scratch resistant. But not being able to cut it off is a deal breaker for me. Platinum looks like itís the second least messed up, and seems way more durable than white gold. Price sounds like the only drawback for platinum. But from what Iíve seen looking at rings online, you're not even saving THAT much money with a ring made of white gold...neither one is going to be cheap, to say the least!
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As far as rings go, palladium is the new black. It's half as expensive as platinum and won't lose it's "white" color in the way that white gold will. I went with a Scott Kay ring from the Javelin collection...
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Tue, Jan.27th 2009
I heard somewhere that all the unconventional metals (titanium, tungsten, platinum) could not be ordered in half sizes. I wear a 10 1/2 so I have to wonder if this is true as I have been looking at a tungsten ring. Anyone else been told this?
Tue, Jan.6th 2009
What about Palladium?? Nobody's talked about that here and I've seen it offered in a few places... mostly for womens' rings, yes, but they seem to favor it as a cheaper but equally durable and attractive alternative to Platinum. Is that true?
Mon, Oct.27th 2008
I have sold wedding rings for 30 years and have some advice for men, based on what brides have told me. Women have told me they see a wide, heavy groom's ring as an indication he considers his marriage to be solid and strong. I have had men come back with narrow rings wanting to exchange for wider bands after their fiance has told him this. Some brides-to-be are uncomfortable saying this and their groom buys a narrow ring to her dismay. I recommend to the groom-to-be to add one or two millimeters to the width you are thinking of. At least 6 or 7mm wide to give your bride the feeling of strength and durability to your upcoming marriage.
Sun, Oct.19th 2008
Tungston is the least expensive and most durable of all the rings. Don't let your jeweler talk you out of purchasing this ring, beacuse the majority don't stock them due to the due to the low profit margins and for the fact that you will never have to bringing the ring back for polishing etc. Tungston can not be cut off with a saw, etc, but it will break in a vice or with a pair of channel locks. Trust me I researched this and jeweler's are out to make money.
Sat, Sep.13th 2008
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Thu, Aug.28th 2008
Tungsten is good because it won't scratch easily but it also has it's drawbacks. If your ring gets caught on something, they can't cut the ring off, they have to cut your entire finger off. Your jeweler will tell you about this if you ask. I'm going into the Air Force and wanted something that wouldn't get scratched up so I was going to get a tungsten band but then my jeweler told me that it couldn't be cut off so i changed my mind.
Ryan O
Wed, Apr.30th 2008
Wow - thanks this covers it all. didn't know rings weren't expensive.
Thu, Apr.24th 2008
I need a single ring for my man
Sun, Mar.30th 2008
Tungsten will not lose its shine at all. So that rocks. And it is really inexpensive.
Mon, Mar.24th 2008
what about tungston. is that good?
Thu, Jan.24th 2008
It's the WIDTH of the ring that is described above as "thickness" and measured in millimeters, ranging from narrow (2mm) to wide (10mm) and 6mm is the most common choice. "Thickness' refers to the height of the ring, or how far it sticks out from your finger, and is something to be careful about if ordering online. Some wide rings are very thin and feel and look kind of cheap when on your finger. It is a way for ringmakers to use less gold and still achieve a wider width. Always ask the weight of the ring. Depending on your finger size and style chosen, the ring should be between 6 grams and 15 grams.
Mabel Smith
Thu, Nov.29th 2007
Wed, Oct.31st 2007
My dad has a yellow gold ring, but most of my friends are wearing white gold. I don't know many people who have a platinum ring.

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