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groom's guide to buying lingerie [Page 2 of 3]

Does it have to be white?

Just because this is your wedding night, don't feel pressured to spring for something white and lacey if it reminds you of your grandmother's valances. (ed. - This is just as much a gift for you as it is for her). Take a look at her current lingerie collection (or at least bras and panties) and try to pick up on repeat colors. You can't go wrong with a color you know she loves. If blue is the color, this can be her "something blue"...and white hot to boot.

All women look absolutely amazing in white or black lingerie. We don't know exactly why, but all men will agree. There's something very pure about white - it's lingerie that both covers and highlights some of the best features of a woman. There's something incredibly sexy about black that makes a man just want to admire his wife. Black, of course, is also very slimming.

If you want to venture out into colors, keep in mind that some colors do better on certain hair colors. For example, blondes generally will look better in lighter colors, whereas a brunette can handle purples, darker greens or reds. Further, a redhead will do well in darker colors (and can look ravishing in brown).

Bra sizes and how to figure them out

Bra sizes are based on your girl's rib cage and bust size. A woman will likely have been properly measured if she owns several bras. Without getting into the details, the bra size (you know...34C etc.) is a combination of the size of her rib cage (band size) and the difference in size between her rib cage and bust size. That's where the number and letter combination comes from. Now, a guy is thinking, "Do I have to measure her?" The answer, mercifully, is no. Take a discreet look through the lingerie you future bride owns and make a note of all of her sizes. She may have bra sizes that are different cup sizes.

In that case, it's very easy. Ask her! And in fact, for a really sexy time, ask her which bras she really likes, and what the sizes are. Now, you may be giving away exactly why you want to know, but she'll play along anyway. Your wife will love the interest that you are taking. Read on.

Bra and Panties/Thong sizes

A sexy bra and panties set is a classic for a reason. Try to find a non-cotton comparison, if possible, so that you can most closely match the style of lingerie you'll be giving her. Most lingerie is silk, satin, lace or nylon. The sizes you're looking for are XS to XL. If you are rifling through her drawer and find several Victoria's Secret panties that are the same size, that's her size at that particular store. Lingerie sizes can vary between merchants. When in doubt, take the average size.

A Slip

No, these aren't a relic of the fifties. If your fianc辿e likes them, and you like her in them, slips are one of the easiest to shop for, and most comfortable to wear. You're generally looking to match her most fitted tank top of t-shirt size: XS-XL. If the slip has a built in bra or underwire, you'll need to go by her bra size.

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Future Groom
Thu, Feb.25th 2010
When I buy my fiance lingerie. I want here to feel sexy. When a guy buys you lingerie you should say thank you, because he wants to see you in it. Women give mixed signals. You want us to complement your beauty and make you feel empowered, but you shoot us down when we try. Lingerie is not an insult its a compliment that a man desires your body. What better man to desire your body than the one you love. I love my fiance and I want to see her in sexy lingerie because i believe she is sexy and I willing to spend money so she her me say it when she has it on. Words are not just enough to me. I want to "invest" in her sexiness.
Sat, Feb.6th 2010
WOW!! Haha that "offended bride" sounds like she's talking herself out a marriage she probably didn't deserve in the first place. I feel truly sorry for the guy she suckered into a boring sex life!! I mean a women who is too offended to wear lingerie must not be a much in the bedroom if she can't even wear something sexy!! Haha. Lingerie does NOT have to be something out of a raunchy porno for a man to be aroused!!! The most important thing I've learned in my 11 years of marriage is "It's not what you wear, it's how you take it off"!!! ;)
Sat, Oct.3rd 2009
TO: Offended Bride I would rather wear lingerie and feel sexy for my husband (who thinks I am sexy no matter what I put on) than nothing at all. How do you know who created lingerie? Just because it's been around a while doesn't mean a woman didn't have a say in it's making. That is chauvinistic to think that only men could come up with something like that to make the sex life for married couples better. Sex between husband and wife can be as hot and steamy as the sex men seek out from prostitutes as long as long as they can communicate with each other and be open and honest. Maybe if you were more relaxed your husband would be comfortable enough to share what he really wants. I wouldn't be surprised if he cheats on you later because your not willing to try different things. And I really hope you read this one day.
Fri, Apr.3rd 2009
i think that there are a lot of guys out there that like girls to wear that and i dont think theres anything wrong with that. theres always time for hot nasty sex.
Thu, Apr.2nd 2009
I'd love it if my husband bought me lingerie...because that would show me that he stills thinks my body is sexy, just his, and wants me to show it off for just him... O! Wait!! He does! And I play "dress up" for him often...its kinda like when you wear the hot bra and panties when you know you'll have sex with someone for the first time. Only...with my husband, its like that every time! Its called: "spicing things up." After 20 years, we still don't need much spice, but this does it! PS: My boobs look GREAT when I wear my corset all day...it gets me really geared up for that night, especially when he sees me putting it on after my shower, and knows I'm wearing it during lunch! Try it. Don't be so damn uptight. You'll give yourself a heart attack.
Sun, Feb.22nd 2009
Wow! I'm suprised that the idea of buying your future wife lingerie could be considered chauvanistic. The article doesn't suggest that men force their wife into bondage gear (unless thats what she's into). I'd be thrilled if my partner bought me something beautiful to wear! Or maybe a fun costume for roll playing? Tough roller derby chick that wears skates to bed? I personally feel empowered enough to express sexuality in what ever way I so choose. Offended Bride, if lingerie makes you feel humiliated, don't go there! But speak for yourself! Not all women feel objectified by chauvinistic men in the bedroom.
Hello offended bride
Wed, Jan.28th 2009
Well, first off I'm not trying to be rude to you or any thing, but rather morely informative. Most guys aren't really that interested in the lingerie. Guys tend to like girls to be uncovered rather than covered. Some girls I know that have spoken of lingerie (including my fiance) say that they enjoy it because they like getting dressed up. It makes them feel sexy. So I'm sure that this site isn't under the idea that men should force thier wives to wear lingerie, but rather support their wives in the things they like doing.
Offended by Offended Bride
Sun, Nov.30th 2008
To "Offended Bride," I wish you'll come back upon this page one day just to see how ignorant you sound. You have someone wanting to marry you with an attitude like that?! I'm sure he doesn't want to see you in the lingerie as much as you don't want to put it on if you talk like that.
Sat, Oct.25th 2008
It's refreshing to see a page dedicated to the men out there. Keep it coming. The man should be involved in the planning as much as the woman. And they should be excited about it too. It's their day to celebrate and while it usually is focused on the bride, it takes two to marry as it will take two to have some fun in this sexy lingerie that you are talking about. So enjoy men. Your reward for helping is seeing us in nothing that night.
Sun, Oct.5th 2008
To the "Offended Bride," if my bride was truly turned on by me wearing a banana-hammock, heck yes I would wear it for her. Most women feel sexy when they look sexy. If that doesn't make you feel sexy, then you shouldn't wear it! I think most guys would have an idea as to whether or not their brides would be offended by it.
Offended Bride.
Sat, Oct.4th 2008
Sorry but you should make sure your wife actually wants to wear this stuff. Lingerie was not invented for women's pleasure - it was invented for men's. If my fiance shows up with some tiny lingerie on the night of our wedding, or on the honeymoon, or anytime later in life, I will slap him. I am not a playtoy, I am human being. Would like your wife to buy you a thong banana hammock and say, "Look honey I bought you something special. Why don't you put it on for me.?" Some women find dancing around in lingerie humiliating (and no I am not a fat beast, I was a cheerleader, runner, etc) so just watch yourselves and try not to be chauvinistic.
Fri, Jul.25th 2008
With all my best wishes to all the grooms-to-be, who take the time to look these tips up I've got two words for you: Agent Provocateur. They are very helpful and the designs will make you and your bride happy. Believe me I know. I still cannot forget the look in my husband's face.
Fri, Nov.16th 2007
This is actually pretty much right on.

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