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[+] choosing your best man and groomsmen

- how to help your best man with his duties

- choosing your groomsmen

- is your best friend your best man?

- can you have female "groomsmen"?

- what if you want to change the groomsmen or best man?

- getting the groomsmen organized

[+] bachelor party

- bachelor party guide for grooms

- bachelor party with the in-laws

[+] honeymoons

- honeymoon planner

- an adventure honeymoon

- what about a cruise honeymoon?

- wine region honeymoon ideas

- inexpensive honeymoon ideas

- what to do (other than sit on the beach)

- planning spa stuff is a smart idea

- sports and the honeymoon

- get your passports

[+] getting fit before wedding day

- get fit groom

- help your bride get fit

- groom fitness tips from golds gym

[+] intro to formal wear for the groom

- wedding attire guide

- how to get the groomsmen outfitted in tuxedos, painlessly

- tuxedo jacket

- pants

- shirts

- ties

- cufflinks

- shoes (and socks)

- what the hell is a cummerbund and do you need one

- boutonnieres (aka the only flowers a groom needs to think about)

- morning coats

- wearing a suit instead of a tuxedo

- whether to buy or rent a tux

- if you're buying a tux, whether to get it custom-made or off the rack tuxedo

- beach wedding attire (you lucky bastard!)

[+] men's wedding rings

- mens wedding rings 101

- platinum wedding rings

- white gold wedding rings

- yellow gold wedding rings

- tungsten wedding ring

- titanium wedding ring

wedding day itinerary for the groom

grooming the groom

[+] wedding transportation

- wedding day transportation

- wedding limousines and wedding limousine services

- stretch SUVs (just say no)

- renting classic or antique wedding cars

- exotic wedding cars

- using your own car

- limousine alternatives

- how to decorate a wedding car

[+] making a toast or speech

- groom speech survival guide

- toasts

[+] gifts for the best man, groomsmen (and the bride)

- the groom's wedding gift for his bride

- guide to buying lingerie

- thank you gifts for the groomsmen

wedding night performance

how to impress your future mother-in-law

married life after the honeymoon

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groom's tasks [Page 1 of 2]

Start your marriage off on the right foot and have some fun getting involved in wedding planning. Believe it or not, there are plenty of tasks that are perfectly cut out for you!

Just think about planning a wedding.   Let your mind lock onto the first image that pops into your head.   If you're like most guys, you're picturing your fiancée happily picking out floral arrangements and place settings with her best friend or her mother at her side.   You may not even be in the picture at all. That's okay- that's often how it is. Your bride-to-be has probably been dreaming of her wedding since she was a little girl.   She may have a much clearer picture in her head of what she wants the wedding to be like than you do. This production, however, is no one-woman show.   You've got to do more than just "pitch in" because you can help alleviate her stress and earn some points in the process by stepping up. The wedding is something your bride will be talking about for a long time to come.  

Planning a wedding is a massive undertaking.   It requires patience, dedication, and plenty of hard work.   If you're not the most aesthetically-minded guy, it's okay to leave things like the flowers, wedding favors, and decorations to her. There's no shortage of other things you can do with her.  

The Budget

Major decisions like the budget and size of the wedding, or key elements, such as figuring out a date and location are things that should not be decided by just one person.   Sit down with your fiancée and talk these things through to see what you both have in mind.   Trust us, if you have these conversations right up front, it will save you both a lot of headaches down the road.

Religious Matters

Another big issue is whether or not you're planning to have a religious service.   Again, be sure to take the time to work this out with your fiancée from the start.   Don't make the mistake of assuming she'll know what you want or vice versa.   It is not uncommon for people who haven't even been inside a house or worship in years to insist on getting married in one.   If you're in a mixed-faith couple and you both want a religious wedding, you may have to get creative.   It gets particularly tricky when trying to find a clergyman to officiate the ceremony.   Some clergymen won't perform mixed-faith weddings, others have no problem with it.   Choosing - and, if possible, meeting - the officiant together is critical to ensuring that you will have a wedding that you are both comfortable with.   Religion can be a sensitive issue for a lot of people, so be sure to talk openly and honestly with your fiancée from day one.

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Janice - Your post made me all teary-eyed .I can't believe how fast he's gonriwg up. I wish I was there!Congratulations Jordan John Villanueva Endique. We love you and we're so proud of your accomplishments. You'll have many more to accomplish but with prayer and hard work, you can do it!And remember you'll always have us to go to if you need anything.
Wed, Oct.10th 2012
Davina - Allen, I love so many of these! That one with the leaves fynlig is awesome and I also love the one with the fall leaves up to the right. I actually think this is one of my fave e-sessions of yours. Just awesome!
Lisa V
Sat, Jul.7th 2012
Some of these comments are funny. This is just a guide... you don't have to buy gifts for the groomsmen if you don't want to! I think this is a great list. http://www.classicmemories.com/dvd-slideshows.html
Wed, Apr.18th 2012
Wow really very nice your groom tips and honeymoon packages
The Wedding Song
Tue, Nov.8th 2011
thanks for sharing this! hope my future groom reads this!
Father and daughter wedding so
Sun, Oct.23rd 2011
my hubby should read this
Bob What About Me
Fri, Sep.23rd 2011
Some advice for Mr. David Stone. Get your bride and two plan tickets to Las Vegas!!!!!!!!
Mon, May.2nd 2011
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Tue, Feb.15th 2011
I love this site & this particular blog post! Great advice. Too often the groom is left out of the bridal community q&a/support. It's nice to see a site dedicated to the groom's needs!
Tue, Feb.15th 2011
I like this ..not enough time and advice is spent on the groom. Jenn http://www.momentsofelegance.com/
Sat, Jan.29th 2011
I think it's great that you acknowledge men's roles, but I think you need to put less emphasis on the stereotype that women have been planing their weddings since birth. My fiancйe is just as clueless and uninterested as I am on so many planning details.
Wed, Oct.13th 2010
I am getting married on Saturday and this website has helped me more than I can tell you. I will recommend it to any guy I know that gets engaged. We went from engaged to married in 5 1/2 months. I don't think I could have survived this rollercoaster without GROOMGROOVE...
Fri, Jul.23rd 2010
Pictures ! There aren't enough Pictures!
Thankful Bride
Fri, Jun.18th 2010
This is really really really helpful. THANKS guys.
Mon, May.10th 2010
Excellent resource for the groom. Thanks very much!!!
v helpful
Thu, Apr.22nd 2010
thanks - nice guide and awesome site. will send to my fiancee
Fri, Mar.12th 2010
Thanks for the comments. We hope you enjoy the resource!
Fri, Nov.13th 2009
well god damn i just wanna buy somethin for my groom so we can have a beach wedding but you assholes dont have prices for anything.
Tue, Oct.6th 2009
i am trying to pick my best man for my wedding next july but i can't seem to do it. my best friend who i thought would always be my best man has been dating his new girlfriend for about 8 months now and since then he has changed in so many ways, he won't leave her side and i don't even think he would leave her for a whole bacholar night let alone for all the planning, but when i've needed him he's come running, (although he would bring his girlfriend along. but i was also consindering my brother as we were never close growing up but over the last few years we've started to respect eachother and get along ok now.can anyone give any advice please. thanks
Thu, Aug.6th 2009
http://www.groomgroove.com is the best
Clinton Bell
Mon, Jul.27th 2009
Thanks for the advice i truly didn't know I had that much responsibility in all this i just wanted a really black/onyx suit and for my bride to be to wear a veil... Boy I would have been in trouble thanks for the info...
Tue, Jun.9th 2009
I actually just got married and I would say don't forget to set up your 1st year anniversary. Our planner actually helped me plan a great one year anniversary for us. She gave us a free concierge service because she was offering that if we planned our wedding with her (i'm not sure if she's still doing it for everyone, but you should contact her about it). It's great to have it all planned out ahead of time so nothing has to be rushed and everything is already planned out! You guys should contact Nerissa from Private Receptions, she was great and I highly recommend her.
Mon, May.25th 2009
You also want to look your best on the big day especially with all those pictures you will pay so dearly for. There is nothing worse than a pale faced groom and a tanned bride(yes she will most likely have bronzed with a tanner and makeup for the big day. Your best option is Aqua Tan, it's natural, clear, smells great and goes on like a mist. And it looks oh so natural. Voted Best Man Tan. www.aquatan.tv
David Stone
Mon, May.25th 2009
no disrespect intended here, just complete lack of understanding: Select wedding attire for you and for the men in the wedding party Why would I do that? They can wear what they like!?! Get groomsmen measured up for tuxedos early, and no matter where they may be A nice suit will do!?! Purchase gift for your bride-to-be Purchase groomsmen gifts for your groomsmen buy, buy, buy... Plan the rehearsal dinner Prepare a toast for the rehearsal dinner A rehearsal dinner??? For what? I just want to get married...
Fri, May.22nd 2009
Hey thanks for all of this. I want another engagement story contest!!
Fri, Apr.10th 2009
Your Comments I need to have more about my responsibility. would you like to send it to me. djai3629@yahoo.com
Wed, Mar.25th 2009
Ron: that's messed up grooms mom: Close family of course (parents etc) the attendants, it nice to include their SO's too. adam: no "set" person, though the bride usually does, just depends Shadow Bride: How about dividing your guest list into half (or fours for both sets of parents)?
Tue, Mar.24th 2009
It would be nice to have links to places that rent or sell tuxedos. Maybe I'm missing it but I havent seen one yet. Great website though it has helped me tremendously. Thanks groomgroove!
Wed, Mar.4th 2009
i love the info here it has help me a lot.
Thu, Feb.5th 2009
When it comes to involvement, I feel that most (if not all) guys simply want their future bride to be happy. As far as my own wedding is concerned, I am willing to be as involved as my fiance needs me to be. It is not too much to ask (especially if you or your parents are handling all or the majority of the bill) for your groom to ease up on inviting tons of other people. This is YOUR day. Just make sure you don't go bride-zilla on him. He should respect your wishes. Best of luck!
Shadow Bride
Tue, Jan.27th 2009
Ok guys. I have a question for you. How involved should you be? My parents are paying for the reception to be catered. My fiance wants to invite ALOT of extra people while I'm sticking to the friends and family. Is it wrong to give him a limit? I'm on the same limit too!
Fri, Jan.2nd 2009
who choses the ring bearer?
groom's mom
Tue, Oct.28th 2008
Who typically is invited to the rehearsal dinner? The maids and men's significant others?
Wed, Jun.25th 2008
Getting married in three weeks. AWESOME article. Great site.
Wed, Mar.26th 2008
Hey Military Grooms - yeah - we hear ya. We're still working on a piece about military weddings or at least, considerations for guys that are serving. It's take us some time (even with good contacts) to get interview subjects. Anyway - we hope to have something before wedding season starts to roll.
Tue, Mar.25th 2008
I hate to be redundant with what Airman Smith, Ike and SSgt K have already asked, but I've got an additional twist. My fiancee is Australian. We're going to have the wedding there in 24 months (will live in the States), but I've been called back to active duty for a 12-month Afghanistan deployment. I report in July. I'll be in Australia in June and I'm trying to plan ahead to make things easier for her while I'm gone. Any advice on how to do this would be helpful. Thanks.
Sat, Feb.23rd 2008
Airman Smith, Ike and SSgt K - GroomGroove.com has heard your call. The founder of this website served in the military. We're going to think of some suggestions and we'll get back to you. It would also be great if you contacted us so we could interview you for a new article. Send an email to info@groomgroove.com
SSgt K
Fri, Feb.22nd 2008
Airman Smith, I am also having the same problem. I'm in CO and she in AL. I have been trying to help out by getting all the info for the Marriage License, giving suggestions for reception areas(looking on line in the area of the wedding) helping her pick out invitation(both of us going to the same website and looking at them together). As you can see, The Internet has been an amazing help. Find out if the state you are getting married in requires a wait time on the marriage license, or blood work.
Tue, Feb.19th 2008
Airman Smith I am in the same boat. I live in Alaska and she in Indy. I can't tell you how many times I have heard "If only you were here, then we could figure this out". Any help?
Sat, Feb.16th 2008
Groomswoman. My fiancee and I were in a wedding where I was the "Man of Honor" and she was a grooms man. She just got a dress in the same style and cut as the bridesmaids only it was black instead of the color of the other Brides maids. I wore a different style of Tux with the same vest as the groomsmen
Sat, Jan.19th 2008
I saw this site giveacaricature.com for groomsmen gifts. Has anyone else used them? Seems like it would be a great gift, but maybe a little pricey.
Tue, Jan.15th 2008
I'm in the middle of planning the honeymoon right now. The best help I've had is from working with my travel agent and finding the right websites. A couple sites that have helped with the honeymoon planning are www.groomshoneymoonguide.com and reading reviews on tripadvisor.com. For the grooms men gift - couldn't you just take everyone out to play golf and pay for thier fees? Programs - Ditch em... forget about the favors for the guests too. It's that little crap that people don't care about and makes the wedding cost more.
Airman Smith
Tue, Jan.15th 2008
This is a tough question for most people to give advice on, but here I go. I'm in the USAF, stationed in AZ. My fiancee is a college student in MI. How the heck do you plan a wedding when you're so far away, and you only get to see each other 3 times a year...? Help or suggestions are greatly appreciated!!!
Fri, Jan.4th 2008
Cool video.
Fri, Dec.28th 2007
I agree wtih Adam - honeymoon planning doesn't need to be solo. that said, I'm going to plan it all and keep it a secret. frankly it's more fun for me to plan the trip becaus that's what I generally do anyway in our relationship - rent the cars, book hotels, flights, print mpaquest directions etc etc
Thu, Dec.27th 2007
Organizing the honeymoon doesn't necessarily have to be a solo-operation, either. Me and my fiance are both planning the honeymoon; after all, she wants to go somewhere nice too!
Sat, Dec.15th 2007
@ Ron I see red flags when my woman puts high expectations on me to change who I am.
Sat, Dec.15th 2007
I'm getting each of my 4 groomsmen a different gift. The poorest gets a tux rental. Another gets an Aloha shirt (he loves them). Another gets a video game. Another gets something from American Indian tradition: 100 prayers for him and his family. I figured I'd get them things they'd actually want. Why not?
Sun, Nov.25th 2007
Hey T, my brother did watches for his groomsmen gifts. Don't have much else other than that; I have no clue what I'm doing for my wedding.
Thu, Nov.15th 2007
How about a groomswoman? Dress or suit/tux?
Thu, Nov.15th 2007
To T - There are a lot of things that you don't HAVE to have at a wedding. A program is one of them. BUT, the program is such a small thing that if your bride to be wants to have it, it isn't really a big deal to have one. In case you still don't know, the program is exactly what is sounds like. When the Ushers bring the guests to their seats in the church (or wherever you may be getting married) they had them either a piece of paper or a little booklet that will have some information on/in it. Normally the information includes the order of the ceremony (processions and sermon and vows, et al) along with any music that is to be played during the ceremony. It also can include the names of your attendants and a little bit about them. How much (or little) you include is up to you and your bride.
Thu, Nov.15th 2007
Yeah i'm trying to figure groomsmen gifts. I dont want to do the played out flask or zippo. I was thinking their fav liquor and a nice cigar or the german beer steins but i still dont know. The "rule" is 50 bucks per groomsmen and 75 bucks for the best man. If you have any ideas post em.
Wed, Nov.14th 2007
Also, what is up with the programs. My fiance says we have to have a program. What the heck is that and what is in it? Do we HAVE to have it? Thanks for the help!
Wed, Nov.14th 2007
Anyone have any ideas for gifts for the groomsmen? I didn't even know that I had to GET them anything!! What do I get them???? Help!!
Tue, Nov.13th 2007
My girlfriend says my biggest duty is to lose 25 pounds.
groom may 2008
Wed, Oct.31st 2007
this lays it out there - i actually didn't know there was a lot for me to do other than show up.
Sat, May.12th 2007
Organizing the honeymoon was the best part - by far. And it was a total surprise to my wife until the day of hte wedding. I told her to pack for somewhere really warm, and that she'd need her bikini and sunscreen. We went to the Cayman Islands. Gorgeous.
No Flowers
Wed, Apr.25th 2007
I didn't actually think there was much that was interesting for me to do - I sure as hell wasn't going to learn about flowers. But budgeting, wedding transportation and the honeymoon - I'm down with that.

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