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planning a wild bachelor party [Page 1 of 2]

Your buddy is about to get married, leaving his illustrious career as a single guy behind him.   It's up to you to send him off with a bachelor party he'll never forget (or, that he'll have to struggle to remember), the kind of shindig that will forever be discussed with reverence by those fortunate enough to be a part of it.GroomGroove.com is here to help the best man organize a wild bachelor party.

Mild versus Wild

Long before the bachelor party, the groom and the best man should take some time to discuss the party's tone. With this guide, the best man, as chief organizing officer, is planning a wild bachelor party. Golf and steak, yes, but there's more...Defining the tone in advance is important since it will help the best man organize a party that will make both the groom and bride-to-be happy. It will also help the best man give guests a heads-up in terms of what to expect.

A mild bachelor party and wild bachelor party are likely to start out the same.   While your day may involve a poker tournament, golf or go-carts, you take the groom and a bunch of the guys out for a nice dinner. (FYI: The groom never pays for himself.) What happens after that distinguishes this bachelor party from any other.

Bachelor Parties and Strip Clubs are Like Beer and Peanuts  

You may have that classic North American bachelor party image in your mind - hitting the strip clubs, making sure the groom stuffs enough money into a stripper's g-string to pay for her new car, tossing back drinks like you're back in college.   It is as complicated as hitting an ATM, piling into a few taxis or cars and heading to the nearest nudie bar. If that's all you want, then it really is as easy as it seems.   If, however, you want this night to truly be something unforgettable, it will take a bit more planning, and you, best man, are just the guy to do it.

The Element of Surprise

The groom may want to have a hand in planning his own bachelor party, and under normal circumstances, that's just fine.  

These are not normal circumstances.  

The key to a wild bachelor party is the element of surprise.   The less the groom knows about where you're taking him, what he'll be doing when you get there, and how long it is going to last, the better.   Anybody can take a groom out, get him drunk, and snap a couple pictures of him smoking a cigar with a stripper's bra on his head. Child's play.   Keep the groom out of the loop, though, and he's totally at your mercy.

Your Town or Something Different?

No matter where you are in the world, there is a "bachelor party-friendly" city within a roadtrip or flight away. GroomGroove.com guarantees that Atlantic City, Copenhagen, Vegas, Montreal, Tijuana, Ibiza, Stockholm, Miami or New Orleans are going to be much more conducive to a hell of a time than Denver, Ottawa, Philly or any other city combined. Keeping in mind the element of surprise, unless the groom is actually from Iceland, he's not going to expect a bachelor party in Iceland. (Iceland, GroomGroove.com notes, is an up and coming bachelor party destination.)


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Best Man
Fri, Mar.20th 2015
We went to New Orleans for our bachelor party and it was a blast. We ate the best food; Gumbo Shop, the steak house in Harrahs casino, Acme Oyster House, Court of two sisters jazz brunch. We visited many bars; Pat-O'Briens, Metro, Penthouse, Frenchmen Street, and many more. We learned that in New Orleans drinking is a marathon not a sprint. As far as strippers goes the Penthouse had beautiful girls and strong drinks lap dances 20-40 topless, private room for an hour $1000 and only dances and one guy. We decided we would like to see naked girls have fun with each other so we hired strippers to come to our room. It was well worth the money and I'll leave it at that.........www.bestneworleansstrippers.com. I've been to Vegas and New Orleans for bachelor parties and both were a equally great time.
Mon, Oct.15th 2012
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Sat, Oct.13th 2012
BQpBoj , [url=http://yqktbqyxfkhh.com/]yqktbqyxfkhh[/url], [link=http://gmqqbnvnpwgd.com/]gmqqbnvnpwgd[/link], http://aiypkmdvygmu.com/
Fri, Oct.12th 2012
Callen - What a gorgeous coulpe! I love everything about this wedding; the dress, the church, the reception, the favors absolutely exquisite photos, Samantha! I especially love the photo of the bride with the little girls! Congratulations to the happy coulpe.
Mon, May.21st 2012
Ladies why get married at all he has to buy a woman to entertain . American men are trash
Thu, Aug.25th 2011
Heck yeah this is eaxctly what I needed.
Mon, Sep.27th 2010
visit www.crazybachelorparty.com for a great bachelor party game. No need for strippers or porn with this idea. Instant download and customize it to suit your needs. Father of the bride going, just change some wording on our score card, no problem. An awesome time will be had by all.
Sat, Sep.25th 2010
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Sat, Aug.21st 2010
Pssst-------Don't believe everything you read on the internet.
Wed, Aug.11th 2010
Ask for everything in writing.
Wed, Aug.11th 2010
Sat, May.29th 2010
We hired the Neworleansbachelorparties. com aka neworleansstripper. com BEWARE - ADVICE - FYI - CAUTION If you choose to book with another company, please expect the following: Out of shape, troll face, overdone BAD (all over) plastic surgery, banana boobs, overweight, saggy fake breasts, dentures, All women over 35 years of age. The women are accompanied by a African American who looks to be male pimp. Scary!
Sat, May.22nd 2010
We ACTUALLY used New Orleans Bachelor Parties (per recommendation) when we went there a couple years ago they are like the go to people, you need to go with someone recommended those companies can send you old beasts and promise you something COMPLETELY different (I've been the best man a couple of times) I noticed that maybe if the same company is posting over and over again its probably just themselves. its kind of annoying and takes away from this thread.. spam somewhere else.. yawn.. BACK TO THE SUBJECT Bachelor parties, Yay, its a right of passage, the END. Women hate it. guys love it. and really it doesn't matter, you're stuck with her/him for the REST of your lives. THATS FOREVER. There will be a thousand other fights. Choose your battles.
Sat, Mar.13th 2010
We rented the Party Bus www.bachelorpartyneworleansstrippers.com http://www.bachelorpartyneworleans.com/party-bus.html Alyssa was the entertainer. We paid $675. One hour and one entertainer. It was a lot of fun. We had a driver and a dj. We brought our own liquor. Next time we plan to rent the limo bus. The party bus was like a club. Definitely different.
Sat, Feb.6th 2010
To all the "Best Men" and future "Grooms" on here talking about how they are going to have one last blast of freedom by renting Hookers If the groom is truly in love with his future Mrs he would NOT want to have trashy, drunken sex with a hooker and if he does then maybe someone should make an effort to talk him out of the marriage instead of dooming it from the start (should his bride ever find out). I'm all for bachelor partys but if you are just using them to bang other women before getting "locked in" then just grow a friggin pair and tell the bride your not ready for the marriage and save everyone all the expense and humiliation!! Seriously!!
Fri, Jan.29th 2010
NewOrleansBachelorParties.com is STILL the best and top rated party planning service in New Orleans.. no matter how you change your name to be them.. stalker.
Sun, Jan.24th 2010
We hired 9 dancers for a bachelor party in Port Sulfur. It was wild. We had a great time. The booking agent was easy to deal with and offered fair prices and discounts. It was a great time. The groom was totally surprised. We used the company www.BachelorPartyNewOrleans.com Highly recommended.
Sun, Jan.10th 2010
New York - Strippers on Wheels has a great selection! You should inquire.
Robert D
Tue, Dec.22nd 2009
I used this service in NYC for my boy's bachelor party. Just passing along the info to others who need a good service. 877-427-8747.
hal kiln
Thu, Nov.26th 2009
We had 2 entertainers from Strippers On Wheels.com located in New Orleans, La. come to our hotel and put on a great show! They had the best smiles and sttitudes. It was fantastic. They stripped the bachelor down to nothing and hit him with a rubber chicken (we provided) it was hillarious. They ended the show with girl on girl entertainment. Which consisted of kissing, touching, and toys. It was worth every penny.
Sat, Nov.7th 2009
www.neworleansbachelorparties.com sent us a little person and dancers. They planned a whole party for us. I LOVE NEW ORLEANS!
yosi - new orleans
Thu, Nov.5th 2009
We did the Bourbon St tour and it was ok. The strip clubs do not have quality women. I find them to be somewhat ghetto and trashy. The food is great! We enjoyed everything for the most part. Wish there were more entertainment options.
Sat, Oct.24th 2009
I recently went to New Orleans, La. for my bachelor party. My guys hired a dancer for my party. We enjoyed it tremendously. Very pretty girls with great attitudes. Not trash bags. My best friend requested a "mild" performance which he later regretted. We hired a company called Strippers On Wheels.com It's really a great time.
Sun, Oct.18th 2009
D-Rock must stand for Dumb as a Rock. " Marriage is for life remember." "That's why you have to make sure he parties as hard as he can before he is locked in." I just feel sorry for the woman who gets stuck with such an idiot. What the hell you getting married for if you going to be locked in? And your party days should have been over when your relationship became exclusive, or is it just the girl, who is so lucky to be graced by your presence, who is expected to be exclusive. And to best man macc, if she is on this site and reading the posts and is isupportive, then you got yourself one dumbass, low self-esteem girl. Congrats. (But them, maybe that's a good match for you.)
The Best Man
Sat, Oct.17th 2009
I really don't think that having a wild bachelor party has anything to do with how the marriage will turn out. If the future wife is cool with it, and you are honest in what you might be doing, then there should be no problems. If you are honest with her and she isn't cool with it, then why not just go to the bar? She is your future wife, you should want her to be happy. If you think thats stupid you should rethink getting married.
Best man macc
Fri, Oct.16th 2009
Whats funny is there are actually women complaining on this site, guys if she is taking the time to complain and post on THIS SITE, i hope you get that hint on things to come. if she is on this site and she is supportive than man you have a good one
obi kenobi
Thu, Oct.15th 2009
From the ridiculous article, to the ridiculous answers, it's clear why the divorce rate is at 50%, and only half of the rest of marriages are even modestly happy. Why should a grown man need his best man to make sure that he doesn't do anything crazy. Why should there be peer pressure to do crazy things. Why call the bride her Majesty? And some of the women on here are incredibly insecure and, frankly, stupid. Taking solace in the fact that he is marrying you (rather than someone else) is asinine. The same should work if he sees a prostitute. It's OK. After all, he is marrying you. Perhaps he's marrying you because he wants YOU to be monogamous, especially if he plans to have you breed for him. It appears that many men see bachelor parties as an entitlement, and from the answers here, many don't give a hoot about what their future wives think or feel. In addition, part of the tradition is lying about it. Women have become just plain dense, adn too insecure to say anything, even when they are being completely disrespected. Montreal, Vegas, Tijuana--men go there because they can have sex or pseudosex without paying a lot. This makes the wedding into a farce. The little bride spends a year planning this great day, where she and her "beloved" will show their family and friends how much they care about each other and will make their vows to each other. The average cost is over $25,000. The groom's contribution is to show up and to have a bachelor party with strippers or hookers. And as he makes his vows, hopefully not still hungover, his groomsmens' last vision of the groom is with all these naked strippers all over him. Eventually, the bubble bursts for the little woman, and she finally admits to herself that she made a mistake. Then she cuts back on sex, and eventually walks out (almost 75% of divorces are initiated by women).
Sun, Sep.13th 2009
I am a bride to be and I dont have a problem with the guys going to strip clubs. We have come to agreement as long as we are in a public place it cool. No private hotel rooms. But then again I am the girlfriend/wife that enjoys going with my man to strip clubs. Disagree with PETA men and women have a wondering eye and i would rather share with my man what is hot. than him hide it. as for planning a party remember DONT DO ANYTHING YOU WOULD LIKE YOUR SPOUCE DOING!!!!!!!!!
Wed, Sep.9th 2009
All of you brides who say you'd call the wedding off if your groom has a wild party with strippers make me sick. Marriage is supposed to be for life remember? He's already going to be thinking about you day in and day out for years, give him a chance to think about something else before he's locked in forever. You don't want him spending every week wishing he had partied harder before he got married. THINK ABOUT IT. Don't be stupid!
Wed, Sep.2nd 2009
I am about to get married, and if i find that that groom. had another bitch pussy all in his face i will call the wedding off.
Justin Credible
Tue, Sep.1st 2009
If you are planning a bachelor party at a venue and you intend to invite a large amount of guests, i have the perfect invitations site for guys. Check out http://www.bachelorticket.com and browse through there ticket gallery, that have some cool ticket concepts.
Thu, Aug.20th 2009
Don't know about all that stuff but... if the best man or groom has to lose that extra 8-21 lbs. in less than a month; use CORE4 at core4u2.com
Sat, Aug.1st 2009
We had a bachelor party in New Orleans and used www.louisianadreamgirls.com and had a blast. It was like watching a live porn!!! The girls are wild in New Orleans.
Sat, Jun.13th 2009
I really enjoyed having my party in New Orleans. We had a great time. The food is superb! You should definitely hire dancers outside of a strip club. It's just not the same. When you hire the entertainers, you get full nudity, girls doing each other and a lot more which is not permitted in a strip club.
Wed, May.6th 2009
Any one got ideas for anything in miami or key west? Need it to be very different the groom is picky as hell but likes to be blown away with the unexpected!!!
Sun, May.3rd 2009
I used www.stripperonwheels.com and they were fantastic. 2 ladies for 2 hours only costs $675
thanks for advice
Thu, Apr.23rd 2009
used www.neworleansbachelorparties.com the girls were perfect. they were all 10's they sent pictures i picked the girls they even threw in a 3rd girl for half the price. they met us in the lobby and put on a pretty impressive show. incredible service and perfect attitudes. i was so impressed i am throwing another party in new orleans next month
Wed, Apr.8th 2009
i misspelled that. www.neworleansbachelorparties.com you know what they say about big fingers..
new orleans rocks!
Wed, Apr.8th 2009
speaking of new orleans- i booked on www.neworleansbacelorparties.com we had two hotstrippers, one was a naked fire dancer. off the chain. i love new orleans.
Sun, Mar.22nd 2009
Thu, Mar.19th 2009
zip it you sniveling nancy-boys and feminazi's, the bachelor party should have hot and cold running strippers or its a dud. What's your alternative suggestion? a tea dance after group pilates? pedicures for everyone followed by aroma therapy? Grow a pair.
Mon, Mar.9th 2009
those couple guys are sick. the groom shouldn't be "looking for pussy" or "seeing boobies". i would literally call it off if my fiancee had the balls to disrespect his bride-to-be like that.
Fri, Feb.13th 2009
I want to have fun at my bachelor party, but I'd be pissed if a strip club or stripper were involved. My best man best know me well enough to know that's not my type of thing.
Fri, Jan.23rd 2009
You didn't mention how out of date and darned well offensive to women this type of party is. Any bride worth her salt (and I'm not even mentioning the Best Man's girlfriend) will crucify the Best Man for organising such an event. It's so childish and degrades men. The only body a groom should be thinking of is his future wife's.
Wed, Dec.10th 2008
looking for pussy on our nite
Mike YK Paahana
Sun, Oct.5th 2008
go to the strip club in wahiawa tell em u going make 1 party an u can get the girls 4 do plenty
Thu, Sep.18th 2008
i'm thinking of hailfax, hitting the luquor dome( a city block sized bar) and then the casino soem time afterr. cheep flight with west jet from toronto ( just over 100 bucks, stay on the naval base( i'm a member of the forces and a room there for a weekend is about 12$ for the whole weekend. sound like a good time? i'm kinda new to this.
The man
Fri, Apr.25th 2008
I agree, crossing the border does open your oportunities and it expands you budget. Sometimes double the fun ... hint! hint!
Mon, Feb.18th 2008
i saw some boobies on my bachelor parti!
Fri, Nov.30th 2007
Vegas rocks, but so does Tijuana!!!
Tue, Nov.13th 2007
No friggin way you can't go to vegas - vegas is where it's at. Montreal , Tijuana etc. - that's kid's play
Thu, Oct.18th 2007
Great article - very helpful. We avoided vegas and went to Montreal. It was cheaper and lots of fun.

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