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planning a mild bachelor party [Page 1 of 2]

You're the best man and so it's all on you to show your friend, the groom, an amazing time on his last night of freedom. But this night is not going to be something out of the National Lampoon series; your groom is the type who will have his cell phone on at his own bachelor party and will probably even answer if his fiancée is on the line.   He's got things to do in the morning, and has no intention of falling off the face of the planet for 24 hours. But he's still entitled to a good time, and GroomGroove.com will tell you how to make sure he gets it...

Mild versus Wild

Long before the bachelor party, you and the groom should take some time to discuss the tone. Defining the tone in advance is important since it will not be possible to do so on the night of the party. At the end of it all, you want to throw a party that'll be a blast for the groom and keep him out of the doghouse with Her Majesty.

A mild bachelor party and wild bachelor party are likely to start out the same.   While your day may involve a poker tournament, golf or go-carts, you and the boys will invariably go out for a nice dinner. (FYI: The groom never pays for himself.) What happens after dinner distinguishes this bachelor party from any other. We're going to leave it to your imagination.

Stripper-Free Fun...

A mild bachelor party should be like the best birthday or Superbowl party you've ever thrown. Sure, the first thing that might pop into mind is a room full of nearly-naked women shimmying around to music, but there are plenty of other ways to make the night unforgettable. Remember, this is a PG-13 rated Bachelor party (or maybe R for language), but no X-rated surprises for this guy. Also, the groom should not have to do any of the ordering, nor should he be reaching for his wallet.

The Pre-Game

It could be a couple of beers at your place or at the groom's favorite bar. You've got to make sure everyone who is supposed to be at the party is present and accounted for. This is a good opportunity to get assembled and get warmed up before proceeding to dinner or the main event.

The Main Event

If the groom is into sports, buy up a block of seats, and if your collective budget allows, spring for luxury seating.   If he's more of a participant than a spectator, go for a round of golf or bowling.   This is a classic way to hang out with the guys without landing anyone in hot water.

For a more extreme experience, a trip to a theme park like Six Flags or a nearby casino would make for an adventure. There would be plenty to do and see, and if you need to travel a ways, a road trip is always a good time.

The Last (Single) Supper

Whatever you decide for the main event, you owe the groom a good meal. Whether it's you on the BBQ or a swanky steak dinner with martinis aplenty, this is a requisite.   Be sure, if you decide to dine at a restaurant, to make a reservation. Chances are you'll have at least 5-15 guys, and you don't want to make people wait around for a table.

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Tue, Jan.1st 2013
Hi Amy! I loved your blog page on our wedding. That was relaly sweet and the pictures look amazing! I especially love the one of Eric and I first meeting at the pond. Beautiful moment. Thank you so much for everything on Saturday. You and Crawford were so much more help than just photographers. Hayley Orton
Thu, Apr.19th 2012
Anyone ever heard of a Stag Party finishing by 9.30 at night?
Thu, Aug.25th 2011
Real brain power on dpsialy. Thanks for that answer!
Tue, May.10th 2011
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Mon, Aug.16th 2010
Don't you dare tell her how things went down... at the end of the "Mild" party write up... no wonder women find it hard to be trusting when it comes to the bachelor party.
Tue, Jun.29th 2010
If the bride wants to know a few general details such as how are you going to get around you should tell her. She's not being jealous if she just wants to know her future husband is safe.
J. Densmore
Mon, Mar.9th 2009
Whew, thnaks for that resource! I also bought "the best man bible" (I think it's only an ebook available online), after reading another suggestion on this website, and it also had a ton of ideas if your as lost as I am.
jason luban
Wed, Jan.7th 2009
Very cool. I also found The Best Man Bible to be a great help (http://www.thebestmanbible.com).

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