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costs of being the best man [Page 1 of 2]

In addition to your long list of best man duties, you should know that there will also be some financial obligations.

Would you rather be watching ESPN, but still have to worry about you best man duties or best man speech? Click the links for a solution from the guys at GroomGroove.com.

Some of these expenses you'll have control over, and others you'll just have to cough up at the bride and groom's behest.   One thing's for sure; the minute the groom announces that he and his fiancée will be getting hitched in the Himalayas, in the Spring of next year, you better start saving.  

The following is a breakdown of potential costs you might encounter throughout this process. Once you research each item in depth as it pertains to you and this wedding, you can begin to come up with an estimated total cost.   Leave yourself a small buffer beyond this estimate just in case something else comes up at the last minute. (And it will!)

Your (Tux?) Rental

The first thing you'll need to do before renting your tux is to ask the groom if this is going to be a tux-type affair.   Some more casual weddings   (in a backyard, on the beach) call for corresponding dress.

GroomGroove.com has heard of weddings for which each groomsman was asked to dress as a member of Sergeant Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band, and even a wedding for which all attendants were asked to dress for a masquerade ball.   Regardless of what you may think of the bride and groom's theme, roll with it. If you're totally clueless, consult other groomsmen as to where they plan to get their getup, and follow suit. (No pun intended!)

If the groom says to go classic (and this is the norm), the next question is: will the groomsmen be coordinating their attire?   Most tuxedo rental services offer special rates for package deals, which will ensure that everyone is visually uniform.article continues...
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Mon, Oct.4th 2010
How much is a reasonable amount to give as a bestman tp the bride & groom?
Wed, May.26th 2010
I paid over 200 dollars for the Groom at his Bachelor Party. I am the best man and myself along with my girlfriend will be traveling now to Mexico for their destination wedding. It is my brother and as I already mentioned I am the best man, so how much should I now spend on a wedding gift?
Mon, Jan.11th 2010
do a best man pay for anythink else apart from his suit , transport ?
Wed, Dec.2nd 2009
Does the best man have gift responsibilities for the engagement party?
Thu, Sep.17th 2009
Does the best man pay for the hotel for the bride and groom on their wedding night?
Wed, May.27th 2009
Your Comments
Mon, Mar.30th 2009
Can a best man pay for the cake as a gift?
Wed, Apr.9th 2008
Great wedding gift calculator www.theweddingenvelope.com It calcs the ammount of $$$ you should give the couple.
Tue, Apr.8th 2008
does best man give money gift to bride & groom
Wed, Mar.26th 2008
Paying for the limo is not a good wedding present.
Fri, Feb.1st 2008
Does paying for the Limo's make a good wedding present? It's expensive but not really memorable.
Sat, Jan.26th 2008
rafy - nope. never. I've been a best man twice, and never had to pay. I had to pay for my tux rental and transportation to the wedding, but both times my room was covered.
Sat, Jan.26th 2008
Does the best man have to pay for anything at the wedding, like the cake or alcohol?

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