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best man toasts and speeches

Short and casual, and not necessarily a speech. Then why are you so nervous about the thought of making a wedding toast? GroomGroove.com presents some easy ways to get rid of toast jitters.

Most people, confident or not, dread any form of public speaking. It's not the kind of activity guys perform on a daily basis. Further, you may have put undue pressure on yourself and are determined to deliver the perfect wedding toast. You want the toast to be memorable; you want to make everyone laugh; and you want to make everyone cry. Scratch that - you just want to make it off the podium alive.

Don't fret, here are some key tips that will help ensure that your wedding toast will be a success. These tips, along with our highly regarded best man speech book, will make you into a star best man!

Practice makes perfect. More important than anything else in this article, you need to practice making your wedding toast several times before getting up to make the toast. If there was any doubt, check out our friend in the video to the right. It has to be the most awkward wedding toast published on the internet for all to see:

Now that we've made that point...

What exactly are you going to say? The words are quite easy. It will be a variation on the following:

Good evening, my name is Michael. I am the best man, and am honored to present a toast to the [groom] [newlyweds].

{Insert short, classy, anecdote about why the groom is the greatest guy you know, and why the bride is an excellent match for him}

With that, ladies and gentleman, please raise your glasses, and join me in a toast. To the [groom] [newlyweds]!

Not longer than 1 minute, the key part of the speech, and probably the easiest, will be your anecdote. Some key points:

•  No inside jokes. If only 20% of the guests will understand, skip it.

•  No jokes about sexual prowess (lack thereof), ex-girlfriends, lewdness, police intervention and the like. Save that for the bachelor part roast.

•  Know where the anecdote is going before you start.

For more info on your best man speech and toast, click the link.
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Wed, Jan.14th 2009
This was the best "Best man speech" ever!!!
Fri, Nov.14th 2008
Matt - Come on, dude. You must be kidding, right? None of this material was inappropriate. Weddings are a celebration and should be fun! What a stick in the mud.
Sun, Aug.24th 2008
Good advice! About that video, though: know your audience. The speaker's remarks were very funny and went over well with the crowd, but they definitely would not be appropriate for most weddings.
the B man
Mon, Jul.28th 2008
Great video!! Any copy right laws or can I steal it!!
Katazyna Korikova
Mon, Jun.9th 2008
It would be even more helpful if you posted examples of some speeches.
Sat, Sep.15th 2007
Very helpful thanks

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