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how to keep your own date happy [Page 1 of 1]

You're the best man at a wedding. You've also been dating your girl for a number of months, and would like to bring her as a guest. (But no pressure, right?) You're going to be busy attending to your buddy, the groom. Here's how to keep your date happy!

So you're a best man in a wedding and it's not your trip down the aisle. All well and good - you get to cut loose at the bachelor party and share one of the most important days in a friend's life. The problem comes when you bring a date to the wedding and discover a little too late that she hates to be left alone while you attend to a photos, the head table and - gasp - the maid of honor. What to do?

Bring your girlfriend to as many of the "events" as possible. If the groom is amenable, see if you can have your date attend the rehearsal, rehearsal dinner and preparations, the better to develop a comfort zone and good sense of what's ahead. The point is to involve your date and make her feel like she has a stake in the bacchanalia to come.

Wedding day will be particularly boring for your date, when you may be indisposed for hours at a stretch. Start with introductions early and often, making a point to aim at folks you think whose company she might enjoy. It's not unusual for other stranded souls to wander the reception with the same problem while your at the head table, so you may find a winner among the bunch who can see your "plus-one" through.

Preparation can also preserve the sanity of your date, especially if she's on the shy side. Scope the grounds and find a quiet place if the whole thing gets to be a bit much - your date might be grateful to hide somewhere with a book or magazine. Make sure she knows the whole schedule and when you'll be missing so she can prepare for any eventuality that may arise. If you're smart about it, you can even create a romantic retreat you'll escape to, as well.

Of course the simplest way to bring a date when you are a best man is to make sure she can handle herself at a party. You are most likely aware that some women seem to possess this gift, while others, not so easily. Manage her expectations carefully and a resourceful woman will find a way to have a blast. Just don't promise you'll be there to see it.[Page 1 of 1]
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Mon, Dec.16th 2013
I was the best mans guest at a wedding and I had an awful time.I had only met the bride and groom a couple of time and didn't really know anyone else. I knew he would be busy during the ceremony and photos and I am pretty good at getting on with it - there was over 2 hrs before dinner and he completely abandoned me at times not acknowledging me as he walked past. He was sat with me at dinner but kept getting up and leaving. I thought after the speeches he would only have to introduce the first dance then he would be free. Suddenly he appeared and demanded I danced in front of everyone with the bride and groom, then he disappeared again. He kept walking off when i found him he would walk off repeatedly. He abandoned me for the best part of 10hrs+ at the wedding there are no photo's of us together. He has no idea how upset I am as I carried it off pretty well.
Mon, Aug.26th 2013
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Thu, Aug.22nd 2013
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Mon, Oct.31st 2011
Great atirlce, thank you again for writing.
Mon, Jun.21st 2010
I am in a very similar situation coming up. I am the best-man in a wedding taking place in the brides hometown, and my boyfriend (yes a gay best man) is invited as well. Fortunately, most of the bridal party are in relationships outside of the party, so we are all being sat WITH our dates. Beyond that, my parents and brother are also attending, as the groom has been my best friend since high school, and we are now both in our 30s. The most important thing is to be honest. My boyfriend knows when I will be there, and when I wont. Thankfully my brother and him get along very well, and I will be okay when I am tending to the groom. One thing I did do, that this doesn't suggest, is to talk to the bride and groom ahead of time to see what they will and won't be invited to. For instance, at this wedding the rehearsal dinner and out of town dinner are the same, so he will be invited to the dinner. The Saturday, the entire bridal party and their dates are invited to a day of sightseeing with the bride and groom. - A different idea, but something I think will be a lot of fun. So luckily, the only time my boyfriend will not be with me is when I am with the groom heading to the wedding, and during the ceremony itself.
Wed, Dec.16th 2009
This goes both ways. I dated a girl for about a year and a half until she was the made of honor at a wedding and took me along. I sat around while she ignored me the entire time, spending much of it flirting with the best man. I tried to talk to her multiple times during the reception and she said she "was busy." The night ended with her horribly drunk and the best man wanting to fight ME because I was taking her home. (the good old "why can't you just let her have her fun" argument as I was helping her stumble into the car) It was seriously the turning point in our relationship, which ended a few months later.
Tue, Oct.6th 2009
I have been married for 5 yrs, and my husbands best friend asked him to be one of the groomsmen. I am 6 mo's pregnant, and am not sure if I should go to the wedding? I don't know anyone other than the bride and groom. I am worried that I will be the big fat pregnant lady who sits in the corner all by herself. I can't dance, drink or do anything. I really don't want to eat dinner by myself if he has to sit at the head table with the rest for the wedding party, What should I do?
Fatima Sunderland
Sun, Jun.14th 2009
I was looking for something abou that. My husband will be the best man! Someone could me tell me if is the best idea i wont to the weeding? thank you!
Mon, Apr.6th 2009
This is good advice. After 8 years of dating, my boyfriend brought me to his friends wedding. He was the best man. I am very extraverted and I even managed to find my own ride to the wedding. I started packing the night before the wedding because I had spent 2 days working out, reading and chatting with people in the hotel lobby. Went shopping, I hate shopping. And to top it off, he didn't talk to me at the grooms dinner. After having a fight, he still neglected to acknowledge the situation. Everyone else brought their spouse on the limo and made sure they planned time away with their spouse. My man ignored me and got mad at me because I "wasn't supporting him". If you can't talk to her for 3 or 4 days except for passing out next to her from exhaustion, don't bring her. Ultimately, it'll be better for both of you. Ideally, plan ahead and make sure you take time out to enjoy your date. At least make sure she has a ride to the wedding.

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