Learn how to make
an awesome and funny
Best Man’s Speech

With our Best Man Speech book, you WILL…

- Get the audience laughing – even the bride and groom!
- Quickly learn what to say, and how to say it
- Be totally confident!


Because we’ve been in your shoes, and know that nobody wants to make an ass of themselves, we wrote the book on how to make an awesome best man speech. It covers everything from creating the speech, including jokes and tips to boost your confidence, to how to deliver the speech. And there are more than three dozen hilarious jokes written by a comedian ready to be used by you!

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Here’s why our Best Man Speech guide ROCKS:

  • Instant download via secure server
  • Provides an easy-to-follow formula for writing your best man speech or toast
  • Teaches you how and what to practice for a stress-free best man speech
  • Gives you dozens of classy wedding jokes written by a professional comedian that you can easily work in
  • Prevents nerves and that deer-in-the-headlights look when it’s Game Time
  • Teaches you how to get the crowd laughing, and on your side
  • Confidence. Did we mention you’ll get a huge boost of confidence?
  • Dozens of tips and tricks to help you in any presentation or speech – like at work – and not just for a best man speech

What’s in the Best Man Speech Book:

  • Step-by-Step instructions on creating your Best Man Speech
  • 5 Things That Make a Great Speech
  • A Sample Best Man Speech outline
  • A Sample Best Man Speech, with helpful notes
  • The difference between a best man’s speech and a wedding toast, and how to make a toast
  • 12 ideas to spur recollection of appropriate and funny stories from the past to tell
  • A whole chapter devoted to “How to make the wedding guests laugh”
  • How to prepare for the delivering the speech
  • Expert Tips and Tricks to combat nerves and stage fright
  • 5 Best Man Speech Traps and How to Avoid Them
  • A chapter devoted to how you can use these speech techniques in real life
  • A selection of 40+ freshly canned jokes for the best man
  • And there’s more!

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Our speech outlines practically write your speech for you. You’ll have the audience in the palm of your hand!

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best-man-speech-free-toastsWhy should you listen to us? Well, first of all, because the book was written by two experts – one a former political speechwriter and champion debater, and the other a professional comedian. We operate, the leading wedding website for the groom, best man and groomsmen. The site has been featured in The New York Times, on Fox News and on hundreds of websites. We’re both bride and groom approved. (In fact, 104,224 best men came to our site last month alone.) We’re confident that you’ll find our how-to best man speech guide to be funny and useful. If you think it’s no good, you can get your money back. (We don’t like wasting our money, either, and we stand behind our best man speech book and jokes!)

Our Best Man Speech Book is Battle Tested!

THANKS for this book. I used it when I was a best man. I will recommend it to my best man when I get married.” – Fred M., Atlanta, Georgia

The best man speech book helped me to organize my thoughts and extract the best three minutes of material from my experiences with the groom. My final, delivered speech got a few chuckles, a big laugh, and a big “awww” just before the toast. A dozen wedding guests complemented me on the speech.” – Anthony T., Pasadena, California

The book is excellent.” – Keith S., Longmont, Colorado


Written by guys, for guys like you. (We’ve been there.)

We started this book because when Mike Arnot, the founder of GroomGroove, was a best man, he realized there was nothing on the web to help him make his best man speech. (There were, however, tons of videos of the best man making an ass of themselves, in front of their dates.) We know that you probably don’t need to make many speeches in your life, but the best man speech or toast is something to get right. And if you get it right, you’re going to impress all the bridesmaids. (It’s a definite win!)best-man-toast-free

We’re so confident this best man speech book is funny, a time saver and guaranteed to make you look great, that if you try it out and you’re not satisfied, return it for a full refund within 60 days, no questions asked.

You will use the techniques, everywhere.

  • Learn how to be an effective communicator when making a presentation to your boss, or when asking for a raise.
  • Be more effective when speaking up in meetings. Stop turning red because “everyone is looking at you.”
  • Gain confidence and be seen to be well-organized, and a leader.

best-mans-speechHey – I’m Ryan, one of the writers of the best man speech book. I started writing funny speeches when I was in college, and eventually started debating against Ivy League schools like Harvard, Yale and UPenn. After college, I wrote speeches full time for a well-known politician. So yeah – I’ve made some bad speeches and great speeches in my time. I wrote this book knowing that most of us would rather be watching ESPN, but also know that you could use a few tips and tricks to impress everyone at the wedding. And I also know that even if you’re not a funny guy, you want to make a hilarious best man speech. Trust me on this – click here to try out our best man speech book for only $14.95, NOW!. – Mike Arnot, GroomGroove


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