A Guide to Wedding Tuxedos

Ever seen wedding photos from the 1970s where the groom and groomsmen are wearing orange and brown tuxes? Nasty, right? If you're a groom, you want to look awesome on wedding day. Today, the temptation is to experiment from the traditional penguin suit. But you're not going to want to stray too far: think Bond, not bird. If you're a groom, and want to avoid wearing something horrible on your wedding day, get involved with your bride in picking the right attire. Start by reading our tuxedo bootcamp. (And remember, Groom Groove is written by guys, for guys.)

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Groom's Corner

Groom Duties

what are the groom's duties?

Grooms have lots to do other than buying a diamond engagement ring and popping the question. Think rehearsal dinner, honeymoon and wedding speech. Read this article about how to be a prepared groom and watch a short video for the groom.

Best Man's Duties

Changing groomsmen is not easy

If you're a groom, read up on the best man's responsibilities. If you're a best man, read up on planning an awesome bachelor party and everything else you're in charge of (and how much it'll cost you!)

Wedding Receptions Rock

grooms get to sit on the beach and enjoy the honeymoon with their brides

There's only a few things that you'll need to know about hosting a wedding reception, and yes, the groom is just as much a host as his bride. Plan a bit and you'll have a blast at your wedding reception.